mega888 Bil’in to Arab League: We need actions not words
Bil’in to Arab League: We need actions not words
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Bil’in to Arab League: We need actions not words

Despite heavy rains this Friday, the people of Bil’in came together after Friday prayers in popular protest against the construction of the wall and settlements. For the second week in a row they defied the military order declaring the region adjacent to the wall as a closed military zone. Demonstrators marched through the village while chanting slogans calling for national unity and continued popular resistance to the occupation. They condemned the annexation of the Palestinian holy sites as the heritage of Israel.

Later, the march headed towards the wall, where the occupation forces were stationed behind the Wall’s concrete blocks, a closed gate and razor wire. When the protestors attempted to cross towards their land behind the Wall, the army fired stun grenades and rubber bullets and tear gas at them and chased after protesters. Dozens were suffering from breathing problems due to the heavy tear gas.

In its speeches, the popular committee against the wall and settlements demanded of the Arab League summit to take concrete steps to counter Israeli colonialism and occupation. The Arab League summit will start today in Libya. The people from Bil’in asked the Arab League to ensure due follow up of the Goldstone report before international forums and to enforce boycott and sanctions against Israel. Israel should be internationally recognised a rough state, its war criminals prosecuted in international courts. The people asked actions – not words – from the Arab Summit to protect the Palestinian people and their holy places.