***image2***I am Amar al Wahsh, from Jeeb el Theeb. My wife and I have three children. I was living in Jordan until 1996, when I returned back to my family village, to be with my relatives, my brothers. The situation was very difficult and complicated for me when I came back. I was working as a laborer but this was interrupted. In 1999, I married and lived in a room at my brother’s house until I built a house and moved. This took me five years; only 4 months ago I finished the house and moved with my wife and children. All the money I have made in the past five years I put in the house. Now, I have to find a place for my family to live together. When the bulldozers destroyed the house I wasn’t in the village but my wife was at the house and she will tell you what happened.

My name is Amina. When we built the house, we all felt very happy to be together in peace in our home, we got very tired completing it. I am not speaking about money only, but also our efforts we put in. We all worked together, me my husband and also the children were helping us. We cooperated and we were very happy that we will go from my brother-in-law’s house because it was very small for us. We were fourteen people in two rooms. When we moved to the house four months ago it was like going to paradise, even if it was very simple. After one month the Occupation soldiers gave us demolishing orders, saying that we don’t have permits to build. We didn’t go to the court first because we don’t have money, and we know that it is only wasting money and time. They don’t give permits here, all the villagers here don’t have permits because they want us out from here. Even those who went to the court didn’t achieve anything. We are living here since hundreds of years before the Occupation came. Our grandfathers were born and died here, so where shall we go?

***image3***On Wednesday morning hundreds of soldiers attacked the house. I was alone with my children and they told us to go out because they will destroy it. There was also one bulldozer and jeeps in addition to the soldiers who were watching and guarding in the distance. When the kids saw the soldiers they were afraid and started shouting and crying. They didn’t understand what was going. And I didn’t know what to do to stop the soldiers, to make my children a bit quiet, to collect my things from the house. I couldn’t do any of it. My children were very scared and crying. The soldiers kicked us out while I succeeded to get some clothes, then the bulldozer started destroying the house, the doors, the windows, and our things inside. When the children saw this they cried more and more and were shouting like crazy.

Then the Red Cross came and erected a tent for us near the house. When the children saw it and were told we will live in the tent, they were depressed. Since then, they always ask me are we going to live here forever, why they destroyed our house. They live in a night mare. I don’t know what to reply I said this is occupation.

Now we are living at my brother-in- law’s house, we returned to that small room. The Occupation prohibited us from every thing, from our rights. They stole half of the village for a settler group outpost. The settlement took the land, put a fence around it. But they destroyed our small house in the village center, a house very small and simple that would not affect any one. Our demand and hope is very simple, only a house to keep us from the rain and heat. We don’t have electricity, my children till now in the 21st century don't see cartoons, don’t know Tom and Jerry; neither does any child in the village. The children don’t have a school in our village, they walk two km to reach school in the village near us. This is Occupation. They don’t want us here, they want to steal the land. They have stolen the land while we exist here and they bring criminal settlers who beat us and our children. They do what ever they want in front of the world and they do not fear anyone.





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