***image2***Following the death of her daughter, the mother of Jawaher Abu Rahmah spoke to us in Bil'in about what happened in Bil'in on December 31, the day before Jawaher died.

"Jawaher and I went toward the demonstration near the Wall. In general, the role of women is important in the demonstration; we are always found in the front to protect the youth and to help the injured, to remove them from the clashes. Also, we try to stop the arrest of the youth.

"We went to watch that time, far from the demonstrators, fearing the canisters and gas. We got a little further from the area where there were direct confrontations, but an Occupation soldiers a large amount of gas, and after that came the truck which fires the waste water. The smell made those exposed to it head towards us, and whole foul smell was coming in our direction, when Jawaher told me, 'I'm not able to breath, and I feel like I'm going to throw up. My chest feels like its closing, and my head and eyes burn' so I asked her to go back to the house to rest, and I remained at the demonstration.

"Jawaher got to the house next to our neighbor Abu Khamis, the closest house in the village to the area of the weekly confrontations and stopped there. Then she threw up and fell unconscious. There was a group of children around her and Mo'ataz, the son of the neighbor, came to me and told me that Jawaher had gotten sick and passed out. I ran to the house to see her, and I did not find her in our house, so I returned to the house of Abu Khamis after I learned that she was there.

"I entered to see Jawaher and I found her and my two sons Samir and Ilham were helping Jawaher. I returned quickly the house and changed my clothes and then went back to the house of Abu Khamis and found that the medics had arrived. My sons Ahmed and Samir were moving their sister to the medics, so we went, myself and Samir, with Jawaher inside the ambulance. Instead the ambulance Jawaher was saying to her brother Samir 'get the flies off me, get the flies off me'. After that we arrived at the Shiekh Ziyad hospital in Ramallah and we moved Jawaher to the emergency room, since we arrived she had begun vomiting violently, and foam began coming out of her mouth.

***image3***"After that the foam started coming out of her mouth, and the doctors began to clean her up and put her on a ventilator, but she did not improve. Then they moved her to intensive care, and several doctors gathered around here and began performing examinations. They put a tube in her chest because her lung went out, according to what they told me. Then the doctors decided to move her to the recovery room. She was moved there and the doctors remained around her, and after an hour I went in to her in order to assure myself and called to her 'Jawaher, Jawaher' She didn’t respond to me, so I called one of the relatives who was with us at the hospital to talk to her. He tried to talk to her but she didn't answer; she was only moaning, and opened her eyes once then shut them.

"Later the Minister of Health came to the hospital to visit her, and asked for a complete explanation about her condition. After that he explained to us that Jawaher inhaled poisonous gas and that, God willing, she would recover. The next morning everything began getting worse with her, she was unable to breath four times in the morning. The doctors tried to [revive her] with electric shocks, but she was martyred at 9:30 that morning.

"The killing of Jawaher will only encourage us and give us the motivation to go out and demonstrate, and stop this face of the Occupation."


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