IOF suppression of the weekly march of the residents of Ni'lin

During Israeli Occuaption Forces (IOF) suppression of the weekly march of the residents of Ni'lin, west of Ramallah, dozens of tear gas canisters were fired.  


The people of the town of Ni'lin said Friday prayers on their land near the Apartheid Wall and during the Friday sermon the khatib, or person delivering the sermon, stressed the need to stand by the prisoners and called for an end to solitary confinement and the implementation of their demands.  


The marchers raised Palestinian flags and chanted against the apartheid wall, proclaiming loudly that the occupation and its mechanism of repression will come to an end, and they saluted the steadfastness of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.  


Upon arrival at the gate of the Wall, Israeli soldiers fired dozens of tear gas grenades over the heads of the marchers, leading to dozens of people being treated for respiratory problems, such as suffocation due to inhalation of the military-grade tear gas. This attack by the Occupation Forces on the march led to the outbreak of clashes between young participants in the march and the soldiers, which continued for hours into the afternoon.  


The coordinator of the Popular Campaign Against the Wall in Ramallah, Ahed Khawaja, said that this protest came in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners and that it was in support of their struggle to achieve the dignity of all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

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