Dozens were suffocated during the weekly protest against the Apartheid Wall and settlements in Bilin village. The weekly protest was under the title of solidarity with the Palestinian prisoner's hunger strike and the olive harvest, which face a lot of difficulties this year since more than 9,000 olive trees have been cut by the occupation forces and settlers.

The weekly protest in Ni'lin marched after finishing Friday praying on the villagers' lands near the Apartheid Wall, which was in solidarity with the prisoner's hunger strike. Their message was for people to stand with Palestinian prisoners.

Al-Masara villagers and international activists participated in the weekly protest against the Apartheid Wall holding Palestinian flags and chanting "Free Palestine." Their message also included the freedom of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails.

Occupation forces didn’t close the enterance of the village as usual but hid behind trees and surprised protesters upon arrival at the Apartheid Wall with tear gas bombs. They beat the protesters, which caused some traumatic injuries to protesters as well.

Occupation forces suppressed the weekly protest in Nabi Saleh village, which came under the title of “Loyalty for Our Prisoners” in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners strike currently being held in occupation prisons. Many of these prisoners were incarcerated arbitrarily for their political actions against the occupation.

Protesters were shot by metal bullets covered with rubber, which injured 4 protesters. They were also shot by tear gas canisters, causing dozens of suffocation cases among the protesters.

A protestor holds the victory sign, chanting: “Revolution, revolution until victory! Revolution in Egypt and Palestine!”

Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons are on hunger strike for the fifth consecutive day in protest of being forced into isolation cells and being deprived of family visits.

Under the title"We Will Not Forget Our Prisoners" dozens of suffocation cases in Bilin weekly protest. Dozens were seriously suffocated during the weekly protest in Bil'in after shooting tear gas bombs and bullets towards the protesters and the international activists by the occupation forces.

This summer has seen massive protests in Chile on a variety of issues: student movement, Mapuche defense of resources, and demonstrations against damming projects. Tens of thousands of youth have taken to the streets to demand equality in affordable, public education. Our Palestinian youth express their solidarity with the demonstrators,

Thousands of Egyptians gathered Friday night in front of the Israeli embassy, continuing a sit-in that has was sparked when Occupation forces killed five Egyptian soldiers near the border last week.

On Friday, a young man and a child were injured during the weekly protest against the Apartheid Wall in al-Ma'asara village in Bethlehem after the occupation forces attacked the participants.

The villagers of Nilin had conducted Friday prayers on their land near the Apartheid Wall. During the sermon, Murad Amira Al-Khatib mentioned the need to close ranks in the face of Occupation and called for the expeditious implementation of the reconciliation agreement.

In the framework of a series of events organized by the Grassroots Campaign to Boycott Israeli Goods including participation from some national political figures and representatives of local youth groups, a mass march was held in the streets and supermarkets in the city of Hebron on Monday, August 15, 2011. Lifting of the organizers, waving of participants' banners, and chanting slogans urged citizens to boycott all goods and products from Israel.

Video from the weekly protest in the village of Nabi Salih on 13 August, 2011. The protesters send a message to Israel pointing out that social justice is impossible with Occupation and apartheid.

See a photo story on the protests at Qalandiya checkpoint and the brutal repression against the people defending their rights and very neighbourhood against Israeli disposession, agression and oppression on our Flickr account:


15 demonstrators were injured today, including solidarity activists and a journalist. There were also dozens of cases of severe asphyxia as a result of inhaling the tear gas in clashes that took place in the village of Bil'in, after Occupation forces suppressed the central march against the Wall and the settlements in the village of Bil'in.

This march commemorated the second anniversary of the martyrdom on behalf of Abu Rahmah, and participants held Palestinian flags and pictures of martyrs Jawaher Abu Rahmah.

Ni’in: Dozens suffer from gas inhalation as protestors hail the Egyptian revolution

Nearly 400 demonstrators prayed on the land near the Apartheid Wall in Ni’lin this Friday. The weekly sermon called for an end to Palestinian internal divisions and saluted the Egyptian revolution, emphasizing that the Palestinian people stand with their Egyptian brothers.

Jawaher Abu Rahmah, a 34-year-old woman from Bil’in, died this morning in a Ramallah hospital as result of poisoning caused by tear gas inhalation. Jawaher fainted after inhaling a large quantity of gas during the weekly protest against the Wall in Bil’in and was rushed immediately to Ramallah for treatment, where she remained until passing away this morning.

The Occupation's policy to transform Bethlehem into a ghetto where normal life is impossible makes popular resistance the only way forward. Protests against the Wall and the settlements are ongoing in al Ma'sara, al-Walaja, Jub ath-Thib, Beit Jala, Beit Sahour and Wadi Rahal.

Below a two videos chronicling the the popular resistance in Beit Jala and al-Walaja.

Nablus district has paid a high price for international recognition of role of popular resistance.

Today, two 19-year old boys, Muhammad Faysal and Salah Muhammad Qawariq, were shot dead by Israeli military close to their village Awarta, south of Nablus.

This afternoon the Israeli military killed 16-year old Mohammad Qadus from Iraq Burin, a village south of Nablus, with a live round on his heart. A second youth, Asaud Qadus, 19 years old, was critically injured after being shot in the head. Mohammad was trying to carry Asaud to safety when he was hit.

Today, just as every Saturday in the last few weeks, settlers from the settlement of Bracha attacked the village of Iraq Burin. The community of around 600 people has lost over 100 dunum to the settlers who claim more land.

During the Friday demonstration against the Wall in Ni’lin, soldiers pursued protestors toward the direction of the village, firing tear gas and sound bombs as well as rubber and live bullets. This short clip captures a group of soldiers shooting tear gas at protestors (unseen in the video). Youth from Ni’lin responded in kind, lobbing un-exploded tear gas canisters into the midst of the soldiers. View the clip here.

Read about the entire demonstration here.


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