In Ni'lin, where 300 Palestinians and international supporters gathered to march in protest against the Apartheid Wall, snipers were deployed in an under-construction building and armed soldiers in the fields and streets. Occupation forces fired excessive rounds of tear gas and young men and boys responded by throwing stones. More tear gas and live ammunition followed, ultimately preventing the march from taking place.

Mass demonstrations, vigils and protests in solidarity with Gaza have erupted all over Palestine. The call for an immediate end to the brutal massacre of Gaza, for national unity and the liberation of Palestine, have dominated the mobilization everywhere.

Below are a few videos of the protests:

Jayyous: the mobilization against the Apartheid Wall has turned into ongoing protests against the annihilation of Gaza:

The November 9th demonstration in Ramallah was the largest in Palestine, and saw the closing down of the “Manara” city center for two hours in what was a union of countless individuals, organizations, community members, political parties, students and youth. The call to stop the Apartheid Wall resonated throughout the city, declaring that the countdown for the fall of the Wall has begun.

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