Al Burj

The Apartheid Wall is threatening to make Hussein Diab a refugee for the second time in his life. In 1948 his family was forced to flee their home and become refugees, ending up in the village of Al Burj in the southwestern tip of the Hebron district. Today, this village of 2,500 Palestinians is being devastated by the Wall as the Occupation enforces its overall project of expulsion of the Palestinian people. Hussein speaks openly about how the Wall has stolen his land and seeks to turn his village into a prison.

***image2***Occupation Forces began on September 5 destroying and uprooting in Al Burj village in the Hebron District in order to build the Apartheid Wall. This comes at the same time that the Occupation is building the Wall in Beit Awa, Deir Samit, and Al Sikka which are located in the southwest area of the Hebron District.


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