Later that evening, 150 demonstrators marched toward the apartheid wall on al-Walaja lands, in the west Bethlehem district. They tried to reach the isolated lands where Occupation bulldozers are currently working on constructing a new section of the Apartheid Wall. The demonstration, which was organized by Stop The Wall Campaign and the “Welcome to Palestine” initiative, saw wide-participation from Palestinian residents of al-Walaj village, near-by villages, and other national and international activists.

***image2***Palestinians from the village of Al-Walaja, set to see their lands, livelihoods and futures decimated by the Apartheid Wall, gathered to mark the finale of Land Week and assert their resistance to the colonization project of the Occupation Forces. Around 200 villagers came together on Saturday April 9th to mark the culmination of a week of land activities throughout the West Bank.


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