MOHAMMED RAFATI, 57, stands on a hilltop in the village of Rafat south of Ramallah looking out at the barbed wire of the separation barrier some 100 meters away. He points to the towering olive trees just a few meters behind the barrier. “Those trees were tended by my father and his father before him,” he says. He singles out a large tree. “See how big that is? It is over 200 years old. Now I can only look at it. My heritage.”

On Tuesday October 6th, the Municipality of Jayyus, a village in the Qalqiliya district which is separated from 72% of its land by the Wall, sent out an appeal for support for residents’ to reach their land. There are two “access gates” in Jayyus which are claimed by the Israeli military to be for farmers to reach land on the “other side” of the Wall; however, the gates are a means by which Israel seeks to legitimize the Wall and confiscation of Palestinian land and intensify the humiliation which Palestinians suffer under all aspects of the Occupation.


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