On 19 September, the Occupation military issued a military order confiscating 22 dunums of land in southern Yatta with the aim of setting up concrete barriers along the settler road. The day prior, Occupation soldiers announced that tens of dunums in the southern part of the Yatta had been transformed into a closed military zone.

***image2***With increasing attention directed at the disingenuous “disengagement” from Occupied Gaza, the unrelenting construction of the Apartheid Wall is falling under the radar of international media. This intended political distraction calls attention away from the daily reality of land devastation and confiscation that Palestinian villages are facing as construction of the Apartheid Wall continues. Palestinian communities have maintained their opposition to Occupation Forces through weekly demonstrations.

A number of protests in villages and towns across Palestine have left scores injured. Meanwhile a 15 year old child – Mahyoub Assi. – was assassinated by Occupation Forces in Beit Liqya. From Masha to Imneizel, Palestinian resistance to the Occupation and Apartheid Wall is escalating ahead of the one year anniversary of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling for the Wall to be torn down.

***image9***Beit Liqya

"To apply the ICJ Decision and Halt the Ethnic Cleansing in Jerusalem and Palestine!"

As Palestinians are ethnically cleansed from their capital of Jerusalem, expelled from their lands in the West Bank, imprisoned in Gaza and under subjugation in the 1948 areas, the Occupation ensures that the most devastating symbols of racism and colonialism have continued into the 21st century. Steps to sustain and legitimize this apartheid system in Palestine - imposed by the Occupation Forces with the complicity of the international community - gain in momentum every day.

Villagers from Imneizil in South Hebron district brought Occupation bulldozers to a halt on Monday June 27th. Palestinian flags adorned the bulldozers which have razed 400 dunums of land here in the last week as villagers took back their confiscated land. Two Palestinians were injured as the Occupation Forces spent several hours pushing and beating demonstrators back.

The Apartheid Wall is threatening to make Hussein Diab a refugee for the second time in his life. In 1948 his family was forced to flee their home and become refugees, ending up in the village of Al Burj in the southwestern tip of the Hebron district. Today, this village of 2,500 Palestinians is being devastated by the Wall as the Occupation enforces its overall project of expulsion of the Palestinian people. Hussein speaks openly about how the Wall has stolen his land and seeks to turn his village into a prison.

Sheikh Nawaf Sarhan, school director in Arab Ramadin village, speaks candidly about the impact of the Apartheid Wall project in his village. Arab Ramadin, in South Hebron is the home of 3200 people who know that the Occupation is planning to destroy their lives and future. The full devastation will become unraveled as the Occupation’s final path of the Wall becomes apparent.

The Wall Prepares to Swallow the Land of Sammu and Dhahriya

***image2***Occupation Forces have issued confiscation orders in the villages of Sammu and Dhahriya in the far south of Hebron district, in order to carry out the latest phase of the Apartheid Wall, as laid out in the new February Wall Plan.

***image2***Activities organized by the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, and the National Committee to Resist the Apartheid Wall, to mark the commemoration of Land Day kicked off on Wednesday the 30th of March. Popular mobilization ensured demonstrations took place in Hebron/Surif, Bil’in/Saffa and Bethlehem.

Surif, Hebron City

Over the last few weeks, Palestinian resistance has increased against the Apartheid Wall dismissing claims made by the Occupation Forces over modification of the Wall’s path. Palestinian resistance made it clear they didn’t believe the Zionist lies and do not accept the negation towards the issue of the Wall by negotiators at Sharm al-Shekh. Below is a summary of Palestinian resistance since the 18th of February:

Occupation Forces revealed a plan for a new settlement in Beit Safafa, southwest of Jerusalem city. The core of the existing settlement of Giv’at Hamatos will now be made up of a new settlement comprising 1,850 housing units, and the adding of about 7,500 settlers to East Jerusalem. Originally, before 1967, the area of the proposed settlement had been incorporated into the Occupation’s “Town Plan Scheme” for Beit Safafa, in other words allocated built-up area of village lands as designated by the Occupation for the residential use of the people of Beit Safafa.

***image2***Occupation Forces began on September 5 destroying and uprooting in Al Burj village in the Hebron District in order to build the Apartheid Wall. This comes at the same time that the Occupation is building the Wall in Beit Awa, Deir Samit, and Al Sikka which are located in the southwest area of the Hebron District.

***image2***Mohamed Lahrub, 70 years of age, from the village of Deir Samit, works in agricultural and farming, and says:

Occupation Forces are working non-stop in the Hebron District to build the Apartheid Wall, at the time of the olive picking season, ensuring further losses and devastation. Destruction for the Wall began last month, in September, in the district’s southwest villages of Beit Awa, Deir Samit, and Al Sikka.





***image2***Occupation Forces continued on Tuesday destroying lands and uprooting trees in the south and middle of Beit Awa village. The people of the village, defending their lands, confronted the Occupation Forces who fired tear gas and live bullets at the people, in addition to beating them with batons.

In Beit Awa, particularly in the center of the village, the Apartheid Wall will be built near the homes and schools, with the Wall’s path going on top of the village cemetery. The school is under threat of demolition due to the Wall’s path.

***image2***My name is Rasmi Sweity from the village of Beit Awa, the wage earner for a family of 10 with 8 children, as well as for my mother and father.

This Apartheid Wall which is being built by the Occupation steels land and property, and has taken all of my lands and leaves me nothing, not for my brothers nor for my family.

This is the land that we live off of, our main source of income and we do not have another source. Where do we go? They expelled us one time (1948), and a second time (1967), and this is the third, and where do we go..


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