People in the West Ramallah village of Deit Qaddis went out to the fields and successfully blocked the start of works for a settler road that is planned to run through their lands. Military repression has caused tens of villagers to suffer from heavy breathing problems due to tear gas inhalation. Up to late in the afternoon, clashes have been reported in the village of Deir Qaddis between the people defending their lands and the IOF.


15 demonstrators were injured today, including solidarity activists and a journalist. There were also dozens of cases of severe asphyxia as a result of inhaling the tear gas in clashes that took place in the village of Bil'in, after Occupation forces suppressed the central march against the Wall and the settlements in the village of Bil'in.

This march commemorated the second anniversary of the martyrdom on behalf of Abu Rahmah, and participants held Palestinian flags and pictures of martyrs Jawaher Abu Rahmah.


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