Stop the Wall strongly supports and promotes the call for a mandatory, comprehensive military embargo issued by the BNC (Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee).

The urgency for an end to military relations with Israel and the defunding of its military and homeland security complex is evident to each of the activists struggling on the ground against the Wall and the settlements. The military oppresses popular struggle with:

Stop the Wall has submitted a contribution to the EU consultation on its research policy in which it has denounced the funding of Israeli companies – and in particular Israeli companies involved in the construction of the Apartheid Wall – through European Union research programs.

Barbed wire is often incorporated into the structure of the Apartheid Wall. In some cases, it is a pre-barrier to the Wall, but it is also used to deny people access to land while the Wall is being built, while lands are being razed and in any other numerous incidents to further separate people from their communities, lands, schools, work and livelhood. The photos below, taken in the northeast West Bank over the last year, demonstate the intense quantity of the barbed wire being used and the severity of its pressence.


Construction of the Apartheid Wall in the Jenin/Tubas area of northeastern West Bank is moving forward, as trees are being uprooted, lands are being cleared and communities are being terrorized at ever-increasing rates.

As the international community, the mainstream media and others debate over what to call Israel’s latest measure of oppression, control and land confiscation – is it a wall? a fence? or the ever-so-vague “barrier”? – the function of racist domination remains the same. The Apartheid Wall is confiscating more Palestinian land, impeding Palestinian access to their farms, schools, families, jobs, etc., dividing communities and illegally shifting disputed borders.


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