Throughout the West Bank, the Occupation’s network of control and oppression is unceasing in its expansion. The Apartheid Wall, Jewish-only settler bypass roads, settlements and military zones are rapidly being constructed on land stolen from Palestinian villages. In Tulkarem district, recent weeks have seen the theft of thousands of dunums more land by the Occupation.

Confiscation Orders Issued for Expansion of Enav and Avne Hefetz Settlements:

***image2***During November 2004, four new military orders were issued to the people living in the villages south of Tulkarem. These military orders emphasize the step-by-step policy pursued by the Occupation in order to impose a new reality on the ground.

Before the Aqsa intifada Occupation forces, together with Israeli settlers confiscated large areas of Shufa's lands from the west to build the settlement of Avne Hefetz, which was partially built on the main road linking the village to Tulkarem. This lead to closure of the road as Occupation soldiers and settlers prohibited villagers from using it. Later, Occupation forces closed the other road between Shufa and Safarin east of the village, as well lands were confiscated to open a new bypass road coming from Taiba- an Arab village Occupied in 1948.


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