Construction of the Apartheid Wall by Occupation Forces in the village of Jayyus, located in Qalqiliya district, began in October 2002. During the first stage of the construction of the Wall, 72% of Jayyus’ lands, some 8,600 dunums, were confiscated and now fall behind Wall. The Wall now totally separates the people of the village from their livelihood (70% of the 3,000 inhabitants of Jayyus have been totally dependent on agriculture). Tens of thousands of trees have been uprooted, and valuable water resources, olive and citrus groves, and greenhouses are isolated behind the Wall.

***image2***In September 2002, when the farmers in Jayyus found some hand written papers affixed onto their trees, they thought that these must be something that belongs somewhere else. Then, a few weeks later, they started to see bulldozers come to cut down their olive trees and destroy the land. A few months after that, the Wall started to be erected. One year later, they found that they could only get access to their land through a military gate, and only with conditional permits.

***image2***During November 2004, four new military orders were issued to the people living in the villages south of Tulkarem. These military orders emphasize the step-by-step policy pursued by the Occupation in order to impose a new reality on the ground.

***image2***Occupation Forces continue to refuse to issue its so-called “permits” for the citizens of Qaffin village, located in the northern Tulkarm District. Only 650 people from Qaffin have “permits”, while the number of people that have requested to access their lands which the Occupation Forces have now made inaccessible due to the building of the Apartheid Wall, is some 1600 people. At present, it is the olive harvest season, with people unable to access their groves.

A massive demonstration emerged today at 11 AM when more than a thousand Palestinians marched from Tulkarem city towards the gate of Ras Rummana to the north. Demonstrators flooded the streets with slogans loudly calling against the Apartheid Wall and demanding its demolition. Hundreds of people formed a crowd and headed towards the villages of Nazlat ‘Isa and Baqa ash Sharqiya, which are isolated west of the Wall and threatened to be entirely imprisoned by the additional Wall Israel is building to their west.


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