Salfit - On Sunday 2nd June the occupation forces notified villagers from Bruqin in Salfit that they must evacuate more than 100 dunams of land. The mayor of Bruqin, Nafid Barakat and resident Salah Amer are the owners of the land and Mr Barakat had just replanted the land 4 months before receiving the evacuation notice.

A group of settlers have also attacked citizens in their cars in the village of Yasuf, Salfit and closed the main street of the village.

As a result of the Israeli aggression on Gaza protest demonstrations and solidarity marches was arranged all over the West Bank – From Jenin in the north to Hebron in the south. Once again the occupation forces of Israel suppressed the popular resistance of the Palestinians.

A political talk show sets the stage for House of Yasmine (“Beit Yasmine” in Arabic), a play produced in collaboratio

The occupation forces destroyed  this early morning an agricultural shed in Zabda village in Jenin district.

The owner of the shed is the farmer Mahmoud Jalal Hamdan, who used this space to store agricultural equipments.

The villagers confirm that this shed is located close to the apartheid wall.

Demolitions by the Israeli occupation authorities, in particular in area C, have been at the rise during 2011 and continue at accelerated speed in 2012 with almost 100 structures demolished since the beginning of this year.


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