Newly built factory destroyed in Ni'lin. The road from Ramallah to Ni’ilin brings us deep into Area C, the 60% of the West Bank declared under the Oslo Accords as under full Israeli control and prime target for Israeli annexation policies, in disregard of IHL and its obligations under the Geneva Convention. The villages is witness to the complex interaction of Israeli policies of land grab, isolation, economic stranglehold and colonization - all aimed at displacing the Palestinian population and implanting illegal settlers in their place. Yet, the village continue to resist.

During Israeli Occuaption Forces (IOF) suppression of the weekly march of the residents of Ni'lin, west of Ramallah, dozens of tear gas canisters were fired.  


The people of the town of Ni'lin said Friday prayers on their land near the Apartheid Wall and during the Friday sermon the khatib, or person delivering the sermon, stressed the need to stand by the prisoners and called for an end to solitary confinement and the implementation of their demands.  


Bil’in: Ahmed Abdul Fattah Bernat (19 years) injured his foot and dozens of Palestinian and International activists suffered from temporary asphyxia due to tear gas during the weekly march against the apartheid wall and settlements on Friday. Protestors marched under the banner “Popular Resistance in Bil’in continues” and were met with a hail of tear gas, flash-bang grenades and rubber coated metal bullets as well as being sprayed with chemical imbued “skunk water”.


Nabi Saleh: During the weekly protest at Nabi Saleh on Friday 18th March, against the wall and settlements, the Israeli Occupation Forces fired tear gas, rubber bullets and skunk water at protestors, injuring two Palestinians, Wa'ad Tamimi (15 years), and Walid al-Tamimi (16 years) and one international activist. A choir from Scotland attended the protest and sang songs of solidarity at the front of the procession.

Ni’lin: Israeli soldiers repressed the weekly popular march in Ni’lin, west Ramallah, as they threw dozens of tear gas bombs.

Nabi Saleh

Fighting against the ongoing suppression that the occupation practices against the weekly protests against the apartheid wall and settlements in the West Bank, Walid Barghouthi, a young man, was shot with a live bullet to his leg while participating in Al Nabi Saleh weekly protest, which heralded a large amount of blood before he was transferred to hospital for treatment.
Witnesses said that Israeli soldiers fired three live bullets towards him in order to assassinate him just as they did with Mustafa Tamimi two weeks ago.

Coinciding with the international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, the weekly protests against the apartheid wall and settlements was suppressed by the occupation forces, who shot protesters with live bullets and metal bullets covered with rubber. The loud shooting, sound bombs, and tear gas bombs caused injuries to protesters and dozens of suffocation cases. Two journalists were arrested and three international human rights defenders.

“We shouldn’t link our popular resistance to a time-bound goal. It should continue as long as its main reason exists, which is the Israeli Occupation."

The occupation forces oppressed the Anti-apartheid Wall and -settlement weekly protest around the West Bank by using metal bullets covered with rubber, gas, and sound bombs against Palestinian and international protesters, which caused dozens of suffocation cases.

Occupation forces faced the weekly protests against the apartheid wall and settlement with tear gas bombs and sound bombs which caused many suffocation cases among the protesters.

This week, all the weekly demonstrations were in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in their open hunger strike, now in its 18th day.

The weekly protest in Ni'lin marched after finishing Friday praying on the villagers' lands near the Apartheid Wall, which was in solidarity with the prisoner's hunger strike. Their message was for people to stand with Palestinian prisoners.

The villagers of Nilin had conducted Friday prayers on their land near the Apartheid Wall. During the sermon, Murad Amira Al-Khatib mentioned the need to close ranks in the face of Occupation and called for the expeditious implementation of the reconciliation agreement.


15 demonstrators were injured today, including solidarity activists and a journalist. There were also dozens of cases of severe asphyxia as a result of inhaling the tear gas in clashes that took place in the village of Bil'in, after Occupation forces suppressed the central march against the Wall and the settlements in the village of Bil'in.

This march commemorated the second anniversary of the martyrdom on behalf of Abu Rahmah, and participants held Palestinian flags and pictures of martyrs Jawaher Abu Rahmah.

Ni’in: Dozens suffer from gas inhalation as protestors hail the Egyptian revolution

Nearly 400 demonstrators prayed on the land near the Apartheid Wall in Ni’lin this Friday. The weekly sermon called for an end to Palestinian internal divisions and saluted the Egyptian revolution, emphasizing that the Palestinian people stand with their Egyptian brothers.

During the Friday demonstration against the Wall in Ni’lin, soldiers pursued protestors toward the direction of the village, firing tear gas and sound bombs as well as rubber and live bullets. This short clip captures a group of soldiers shooting tear gas at protestors (unseen in the video). Youth from Ni’lin responded in kind, lobbing un-exploded tear gas canisters into the midst of the soldiers. View the clip here.

Read about the entire demonstration here.

In Ni'lin, where 300 Palestinians and international supporters gathered to march in protest against the Apartheid Wall, snipers were deployed in an under-construction building and armed soldiers in the fields and streets. Occupation forces fired excessive rounds of tear gas and young men and boys responded by throwing stones. More tear gas and live ammunition followed, ultimately preventing the march from taking place.

This factsheet highlights the history and struggle of Ni’lin. The village is located in the West Bank, 26 KM to the west of Ramallah city. The village of Ni’lin has become a site of active struggle against the Apartheid Wall. Frequent protests and confrontations between villagers and Occupation soldiers are staged on the site where bulldozers are razing land to build the latest segment of the Wall.


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