Ramallah & Al-Bireh

Tuesday 5th of June 2012 marked the 45th anniversary of the Naksa, the day that Israel occupied the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip, the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula and the Syrian Golan Heights. To mark this anniversary marches were arranged in various locations across the still occupied Palestinian Territories.


At 1.30am this morning ten armoured jeeps of the Israeli occupation forces and intelligence surrounded and raided the offices of Stop the Wall in Ramallah. Israeli military stole 2 laptops, 3 hard drives and 10 memory cards containing files and photos as well as archive material relating to the work that the organisation does in opposition to Israel's apartheid wall and the attack on Palestinian human rights that the wall and the settlement represent.

On the 17th of April, Palestinian Prisoner’s Day, 1500 prisoners held in Israeli jails began a open ended hunger strike  protesting the use of administrative detention, strip searches, the denial of access to education, the prevention visits, and demanding an end to solitary confinement and other human rights abuses practiced in the Israeli jails.


Settlers attacks on the Palestinian people and their land and property have lately become daily violations of Palestinian rights. Settlers are protected by the occupation forces and the international community’s silence in their efforts to undercut Palestinian livelihoods and create conditions aimed to push the farmers to leave their homes and land. Only on March 8 and 9 three of such attacks occurred.


This morning over a thousand people gathered in front of the Red Cross building in Ramallah/Al Bireh to join the protest organized by the Palestinian youth movements and political parties in solidarity with Khadr Adnan and all Palestinian political prisoners.

The protest was organized in conjunction with a general strike proclaimed from noon time to 2 pm.


A group of Israeli settlers yesterday cut and stole dozens of olive trees in Turmusaia village in Ramallah district, while other settler groups destroyed dozens more in Madama village in Nablus district.

The villagers said that the settlers used bulldozers with protection from the occupation forces to cut dozens of olive trees belonging to Mohammad Asaad Rabie Abu Hanon.

Two protests have been held today in Palestine to protest a French-Israeli military deal. A wide variety of youth organizations has organized the protests to oppose the French acquisition of $500 million worth of drones from Israeli Airspace Indistries.


Some 30 people gathered in Jerusalem in front of the French consulate and only hours later some 50 people protested in Ramallah in front of the French cultural center.


The Wall around Bethlehem is in actuality part of the so–called “Jerusalem envelope” that starts from the settlement of Bet Horon to the northwest of Jerusalem city all the way to Kfar Etzion settlement in the very south of the Bethlehem District. This section of the Wall will:




The November 9th demonstration in Ramallah was the largest in Palestine, and saw the closing down of the “Manara” city center for two hours in what was a union of countless individuals, organizations, community members, political parties, students and youth. The call to stop the Apartheid Wall resonated throughout the city, declaring that the countdown for the fall of the Wall has begun.

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