Posters and Stickers

The maps show the ongoing colonization of Palestine from before 1948 to the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip to the Apartheid Wall, which is Israel’s current attempt to force the Palestinian people into Bantustans.

Actions of all kinds are welcome and important for the #WorldWithoutWalls Day of Action!

Here is one simple and concrete global action for you to take on November 9: Wherever you are, leave a mark in your community that you/your group are part of the masses worldwide building for a #WorldwithoutWalls.


See here the file for the #WorldwithoutWalls logo stencil mask and a small tutorial on how to build a stencil action.

The campaign stickers are created to strengthen the Boycott Campaign against Apartheid Israel within and outside of Palestine.

Originally designed for our grassroots resistance in Palestine, we have translated and adapted some of them to spread the call globally. The stickers call upon the responsibility of all of us to resist the Occupation and its crimes with every means.

The Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign is gradually making its activist material available in Spanish, to ensure that solidarity with Palestinian struggle against the Apartheid Wall, Israeli Apartheid and Occupation spreads globally! The latest campaign posters and stickers against the Apartheid Wall, Israeli Apartheid and Occupation calling for boycott and sanctions are downloadable here in Spanish.


This poster against Israeli Apartheid and the Apartheid Wall shows the reality behind the 8 meter-high concrete blocks: the Palestinian people enclosed in open-air prisons, and the destruction of lives and a society. The image of Soweto recalls the struggle of the South African people against the white racist regime when their struggle, supported by effective international boycott and sanctions campaigns, brought to an end the Apartheid regime. Download the poster and make the reality of Israeli Apartheid in Palestine known in your streets!

Get the new sticker of the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign! The call for sanctions and boycott on Israeli Apartheid is stamped on the image of the Apartheid Wall. The strong colors of the Palestinian flag and the clear-cut design make sure that the sticker can be printed in all formats and has, as well, a strong impact in small size to be put everywhere. It is an ideal activist resource for your boycott campaigns!

Download the sticker as a PDF [300KB]


Download the Campaign poster for the 2nd International Week against the Apartheid Wall and use it for your mobilization! The poster summarizes the Campaign calls against the Apartheid Wall and against Racism, Colonialism and Occupation and for widespread popular boycott campaigns to pressure governments to impose sanctions on Israel and to Isolate Israeli Apartheid.

Download the poster as a PDF [60MB]


On May 15th 2004, Nakba Day, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), held their annual rally in Trafalgar Square, London. The event was a huge success, attended by some 10,000 people, showing clear support by the British public in the struggle for justice and freedom for the Palestinian people.

Embodying the goal of the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, this impressionable painting entitled “The Flutes and the Walls of Israel” is now available for downloading. Created by the Italian artist Giuliano Giuggiolo, copies of this painting feature the Campaign name in both Arabic and English.



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