Deir Ballut: Occupation Forces Begin Bulldozing Village Lands for Apartheid Wall’s Construction - Palestinians Resist Latest Wave of Ghettoization

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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Work on the Apartheid Wall here began in June 2004. Sustained popular resistance from Deir Ballut and Zawiya villagers began at the same time as the building of the Wall with daily demonstrations by huge numbers of people from the villages. Eventually, the number of people who were being seriously injured, and the sheer resilience of the people of Deir Ballut forced the Occupation Forces to stop work on the Apartheid Wall for six consecutive months. Occupation Forces returned briefly in December to resume bulldozing with new maps for the Apartheid Wall which they claimed contained “modifications” (see map).

However there was little difference between the new maps and the original plans to expropriate and make Palestinians prisoners in their own lands. Villagers were not fooled by the Occupation Forces and their lies. Friday the 5th of March marked the return of the Occupation Forces to Deir Ballut. They are currently engaged in a colonialist project carving out more than 390 dunums of the village's lands. The Apartheid Wall which will completely isolate it from the Salfit District and the surrounding towns.






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