***image2***In September 2002, when the farmers in Jayyus found some hand written papers affixed onto their trees, they thought that these must be something that belongs somewhere else. Then, a few weeks later, they started to see bulldozers come to cut down their olive trees and destroy the land. A few months after that, the Wall started to be erected. One year later, they found that they could only get access to their land through a military gate, and only with conditional permits. Two years after that (very recently), a lot of speculations began, and different sources of news started to discuss the building of a new settlement or settlements in Jayyus in the area that is now located behind the Wall.

The claim is that the Wall was built for security reasons, according to those papers. However, this was not convincing to the people of Jayyus, who asked: "Why they did not build the Wall on the Green Line? We don't trust that; this Wall aims to confiscate the land and the water resources." These apprehensions now seem to be very real. In the past summer, military troops were maneuvering for one week behind the Wall, and they made a camp on top of a mountain adjacent to the houses from the west side of the village. They put survey marks and pegs in the earth, and brought busloads of people in civilian clothes. As always, they came and did whatever they wanted, and left; but we have no idea or background information about any of these incidents. It is very important to say they are not playing, and none of this is a coincidence.

A week ago a group of settlers came to a farmer while he was harvesting his olives and asked him to leave, because they said that they are intending to build a settlement in that area. We don't know how much this incident can be applicable, but according to the available maps, we know about their plan to build a new settlement called North Zufin. Another map shows more than one settlement, and all of these planned settlements are located behind the Wall. We don't know exactly how much of this is real, or where and when exactly they plan to start building these settlements. But there is one thing we are sure about: this Wall is neither for security nor for peace, and its path was planned a long time ago.

If these are the roots of the Wall, then surely it will not bloom with flowers, but with settlements. The olive groves will be replaced by concrete houses, and the citrus farms by new roads, and Jayyus will become a new refugee camp. A new Nakba is awaiting a solution, while we are still living the previous one.

We urgently call on all those whom it may concern to help Jayyus before these plans become a de facto reality. The Wall destroys our present, and we don't know the tribulation which is concealed behind it.

I wrote the above lines a week ago, but I hesitated to send them because we don't know the exact situation. Today it becomes very clear: a huge bulldozer started to bulldoze the land two days ago, and preparations are going fast to start building the new settlement or settlements.

Again we ask all the people from around the world who have visited Jayyus and who love peace to help us and to do something. Our children ask us: Where are the friends of peace? Where are the friends of Jayyus? Where is the future? How can we live?

Today Jayyus is living a new tragedy. Hope has disappeared in this darkness, and bulldozers trample down its future.



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