In Pictures! Land Week Marked By Wealth of Activities

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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign






Above:An Apartheid Wall. An angry crowd. Professional killer soldiers. These three were the most obvious signs of activities on Land Day. In Nazlat Issa a huge demonstration marched to the Apartheid Wall. Slogans such as: “The Apartheid Wall is the form of terrorism and not those who resist it”, reverberated through the crowds. Occupation is a state of organized terrorism. Terrorism is not the farmer who plants olives on his land, or the child who resists the confiscation of their land with a stone.

The Nazlat Issa demonstration made sure to emphasize the real meaning of the term “terrorism” - the Zionist occupier. The term in the American-Zionist discourse, and their international media circus, is full of deceit and lies.




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