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JANUARY 4, 2005: Mobilization in Jayyus against the
Destruction of Village Land and the Next Phase of Israel’s Colonial Apartheid


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jayyus (Qalqiliya
district), palestine

The people of Jayyus and the Jayyus popular committee of the
Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign are calling for a day of
action on January 4, 2005
, against the
destruction of their land and the next phase of Israel’s colonial Apartheid
This new phase has been initiated by the construction of new
settlements, settlers-only roads, and Israeli industrial
zones on Palestinian lands isolated by the Apartheid Wall and is
further proof of Israel’s
intention to confiscate these lands, ghettoizing the Palestinian population
behind the Wall as a permanent border.


action on January 4 will begin at 12
noon at the Jayyus
Municipality Building,
with a popular gathering to discuss and illustrate the effects of the Apartheid
Wall in Jayyus, including the latest acts of destruction there during the past
gathering will begin with comments by visiting speakers, including invited
Palestinian presidential candidates and representatives of the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign. This will be followed
by presentations by farmers and community members, who will discuss the
different aspects of the destruction that have been taking place in Jayyus, and
the greater consequences of this second stage of the Apartheid Wall for the
larger situation in Occupied Palestine. Members of the Jayyus community,
together with Palestinian participants and international visitors, will then
march to the isolated village lands that are being destroyed, where visitors
will be invited to adopt and plant seedling olive trees on the land where trees
have been uprooted.


Jayyus, on December 10, occupation forces began the construction of Nofei Zufin, a new settlement on isolated village land
(which adds to the settlement of Zufin, built on lands appropriated
from Jayyus in 1993). Since then, they have already destroyed a wide swath of
land and uprooted more than 400 olive trees. If it is completed, this new
settlement will definitively lock the people of Jayyus into a sealed Bantustan, deprived of their farmlands, livelihood, and
space for future population growth.


Against this plan for the total demise of
Palestinian life in Jayyus, the village calls upon:

Palestinian presidential
candidates to be present on January
4, 2005 in order to support the actions of the people of Jayyus.

prominent persons, and nationals from as many countries as possible to come to
Jayyus on January 4 in order to adopt a seedling olive tree and plant it in the
place where their trees have been uprooted.

All organizations to
urge supportive politicians,
other prominent persons, and any
delegations that will be in Palestine
during that period to respond to this call and contact the media immediately.

Ambassadors and international
official representatives in Palestine to protest with their governments asking
for concrete pressure on Israel to implement the decision of the International
Court of Justice and respect international law, and to visit Jayyus lands.


The Wall in Jayyus has already isolated
approximately 8,600 dunums (2,150 acres) of land – some 72% of the village’s
lands – in addition to destroying another 550 dunums in its path. The Wall has
caused the uprooting of thousands of trees. Valuable water resources, olive and
citrus groves, and greenhouses are isolated behind the Wall.


The situation in Jayyus reflects similar situations
throughout Occupied Palestine, where communities already devastated by the
first phase of the Wall’s construction are now being hit with even greater
devastation during its second phase.


Today, the Apartheid Wall, with its
horrendous effects on Palestinian life, is merging with the longstanding
policies of settlement expansion, the creation of Jewish-only infrastructure in
the Occupied West Bank and Gaza
Strip, and industrial zones - Israeli sweatshops for the impoverished
Palestinian population - into a comprehensive scheme of colonial domination and


Six months after the International Court of Justice
decision calling for the dismantling of the Wall and the payment of
reparations, the international community has yet to comply with its obligations
to enact the decision by concrete pressure on Israel.
The media can play a crucial role in stopping Israeli


Activists and delegations
who want to support the people of Jayyus on January 4, as well as members of
the media who are interested in covering the January 4 action in Jayyus and the
Israeli destruction of Palestinian life more generally, should get in touch
with the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign office.
We will be happy to
provide further information about Jayyus; to help with press arrangements for
the January 4 action; and to set up media interviews with members of the
popular committee in Jayyus coordinating the action, and with other
members of the community in Jayyus whose lives have been affected by the Wall
and by the latest acts of destruction by Occupation Forces.


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