Mahmoud Hamamreh is from Husan village located in Bethlehem District. If the Wall is completed in this area, Husan will be completely encircled in a ghetto with Nahhalin and Battir villages. The Apartheid Wall runs directly into Mahmoud's house and continues on the other side, in a way, making his house a part of the Wall.

Mahmoud says:

***image2***My name is Mahmoud Ahmad Mohammed Hamamreh, I am from Husan village, my home is located in the south part of the village opposite Nahhalin village.

Occupation Forces demolished two parts of my house, every day we are suffering from Occupation. They put the Apartheid Wall on my house - everybody can see it, its on my door, the Wall surrounded my house from the west and east also from the south.

We don't know what we can do; the soldiers are coming every day to the house and they frighten us and sometimes hit my children. We are suffering here and where are the Arabs and Muslems?

There's no Arabs or Muslems. The real Muslems are called as a terrorist – no, they are not terrorist, but those who call them this are terrorists. Every day we are suffering from this Apartheid Wall, but no one knows about our suffering - the Wall destroyed our life, our lands, our houses - and all the world is watching.

Every week, Occupation Forces are coming to my house, destroying everything - doors, windows, also my car - they frightened children and women, every thing happening and the Arabs, especially from the Gulf area, are watching and have fun and money; what are they afraid of? They must feel ashamed, because America and Israel are humiliating them.

This Apartheid Wall took all of my land without leaving any thing, just my house and they demolished part of it and now they try to destroy it all. In Husan, my land has been taken, the Wall will take my land in Wadi Fuqin village. I heard that the Wall is also going to confiscate Abu Hamra valley to build a new settlement, no one knows what they want to do exactly.

The Wall leaves us without a source of life, it takes our lands our trees, our life, the Wall put us in a separated cantons.

At last I'd like to say for Arab people especially in the Gulf area, you have to wake up, because today Palestine and Iraq but tomorrow you will be in the same place.

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