8 \ 7 \ 2014, today at dawn, Israeli occupation forces began a military operation "Protective Edge" against the besieged Gaza Strip, and until now this operation resulted in the death of Rashad Yassin, 27-year-old, and dozens of injuries among citizens after targeting houses in different places in Gaza. Palestinian resistance in return fired rockets towards the settlements, saying that it will not stay hand folded in front of occupation's crimes in the West Bank, occupied land since 1948, and Jerusalem, where their latest crime was burning Mohammed Abu Khudair alive.

On 10th Anniversary of Historic ruling against Israel’s Wall, Israel bombs Gaza: at the UN, 86 top legal experts urge UN and third-state action, protests continue in Palestine, worldwide events to stop Israeli impunity.

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7 \ 7 \ 2014, Israeli forces arrested more than 50 Palestinians during the demonstrations that started in the towns inside the Green Line.
These demonstrations came as a rejection of occupation's crimes against Palestinian people, and the most recent crime which is burning the child Mohammed Abu Khudair,16-year-old, alive in occupied Jerusalem.
Clashes erupted in Nazareth, Jaffa, Kafr Kana, Araba, Ableen, Al Taybah, Baqa al-Gharbia, Al Tira, Shafa Amro, Sakhnin and the Negev.

Three settlers kidnapped Mohammed Hussein Saeed Abu Khudair (16 years) from Shuafat - Jerusalem and killed him, when he was setting next to his father's shop; they beat him and forced him to get into a car, where the cameras in the area showed the Kidnappers' faces and the license number of the car. 

Clashes erupted between Palestinians and Israeli forces, these clashes were described as the strongest in Jerusalem since years; nearly 20 people were injured and live bullets injured one of them. 


Eight transnational corporations (TNC), including the Israeli national wate rcompany Mekoort, have gone on trial on Monday in Geneva for the human rights violations they have committed around the world.

Stop the Wall Campaign strongly condemns the massive military onslaught by Israeli Occupation Forces.

Over the past two weeks, more than 500 Palestinians have been arrested; six have been shot dead by Israeli forces; air strikes have bombarded Gaza; our homes, cities and refugee camps have been invaded every night; and our freedom of movement has been taken hostage by a lockdown of the entire West Bank imposed through checkpoints and the deployment of surveillance drones overhead.

The occupied Palestinian territories witness  a continuous violations by the occupation and its settlers, without any regard for international laws or human rights, continues attempts to implement its colonial plan of ethnic cleansing, seizure of land, and building and expanding settlements.


The occupied Palestinian territories witness  a continuous violations by the occupation and its settlers, without any regard for international laws or human rights, continues attempts to implement its colonial plan of ethnic cleansing, seizure of land, and building and expanding settlements.


8 \ 6 \ 2014, a Palestinian activist in Jerusalem said that the Israeli occupation authorities continued to work day and night on the Judaization of occupied East Jerusalem since it was occupied 47 years ago, and did not stop even in the period of negotiations, which witnessed a halt on settlement construction. 
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02/06/2014 the settlers of "Ave Jal" settlement that was built on the lands of Yatta south of Hebron, started constructing new housing units to expand the settlement.

2 \ 6 \ 2014 the people of "khilet Nahleh" in Bethlehem succeeded to set up another tent in the region, as the people of the village and Popular Resistance activists did set up a tent on the territory of the village before.

(01/06/2014) Israeli authorities have frequently denied entry to those travelling to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, issuing a ban that prevents them from entering Israel for ten years.  On the 30th of May 2014, Rachelle Friesen, a long standing supporter of Palestinian rights, was denied entry at Ben Gurion Airport. After being detained for 13 hours she was then taken to a holding facility where she was locked in a room overnight before being flown back to Spain.

(28/05/14) Today, protesters gathered in front of the United Nations office in Ramallah in response to the latest wave of home demolitions that have displaced the Palestinian Bedouin community in Abu al Jaj. The demonstration aimed at breaking the silence of the United Nations and the international community as a whole as the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley continues.

22 \ 5 \ 2014, 'Avi Gal' and 'Mitzpe Yair' settlements‘ settlers burned wheat and barley farms, that belong to the citizen Khaled Moussa al-Najjar, in Aqoyues area east of Yatta, south of Hebron in the West Bank.

 In Salfit, occupation forces bulldozed farm lands in Thahr Sobh area south of Kafr El Deik town in Salfit district.


Palestinian civil society has today welcomed reports that the EU will no longer allow poultry and eggs from illegal Israeli settlements to enter the EU, in what amounts to the first EU ban on any Israeli products.

The EU has informed Israel that it cannot accept the Israeli Agriculture Ministry’s authority to certify products in Israeli settlements, which are illegally built in the occupied Palestinian territory, and therefore cannot import poultry and eggs from settlements.

Today, 21 May 2014, the houses and animal barracks of 13 families (including 71 people) were demolished in Abu Al Jaj Refugee Camp which is located in the middle of the Jordan Valley “Area C” (Under complete control of Israel. The IOF arrived to the camp in the early morning closing all the roads leading to the area, cutting the electricity cables, and destroying their columns.



This morning, occupation forces began a series of demolitions in Abu Ajaj camp in Jeftlek east of Jericho, on the pretext of being very close to "Ntsuwah" settlement that was built on citizens' lands.

The Stop the Wall campaign said that demolitions targeted 6 houses, and 12 sheep barracks which has an area of ​​more than 1,000 meters belonging to four brothers Adnan, Omran, Omar, and Ahd Daees. 

  In Brazil the 15th of May - ‘Nakba Day’, that commemorates the expulsion of over 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and lands between 1947 to 1949 to make space for the founding of the State of Israel - was a day of active solidarity with Palestine and against Elbit Systems. Elbit is the Israeli military company that produces, among others, the Israeli drones used to kill and terrorize Palestinians in Gaza and the surveillance technology for the Apartheid Wall. 

20 \ 5 \ 2014 Israeli occupation forces began to demolish commercial establishments in "Al Khalayleh neighborhood"  near the village of Nabi Samuel, north-west of Jerusalem. 

Ismail Abu Rabah, the representative of the neighborhood committee, said that occupation forces demolished three livestock barracks, part of a carpentry and a shop that sells construction materials; Hasan Al Bis, the owner of the demolished shop said that it had an area of ​​300 square meters, and was a source of living for ten families. 

Khalil Tafakji, of the Mapping and Geographic Information Systems Department of the Arab Studies Society in Jerusalem and expert in settlement affairs spoke about recent settlement plans. He confirmed that Israel is implementing a settlement project that was designed in 1979 and aims at housing a million settlers in the West Bank. As well as establishing another settlement project that was designed in 1994 involving the construction of 58 000 housing units in East Jerusalem by 2020, regardless of the outcome of the peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

two young Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli occupation forces, in  15 \ 5 \ 2014 during the clashes that broke out in front of Ofer prison in conjunction with the 66 th anniversary of Al Nakba, and to support Palestinian prisoners who are on a strike

18 \ 5 \ 2014 Israeli occupation forces seized three tents that shelters citizens in Khirbet Al Taweel south of Nablus, after being attacked this morning. 

Commemorating the Palestinian Nakba at 66,
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