Through popular struggle, Palestinians succeeded in dismantling nine out of thirteen illegal settler outposts constructed in the West Bank since the beginning of the year despite the crescendo of violence and de facto and looming de jure annexation measures held by Israeli apartheid regime on the ground. In Beita, al-Sawyya, Khallet Hassan, Beit Dajan, Deir Sharaf, Aseera Ashamaliyya, Halhoul, Turmusaya and Aseera al-Qiblya Palestinians’ demonstrations and popular actions continued for months until the settler outposts built in these towns were removed.  Through these victories Palestinians assert that no imposed facts on the ground by Israeli apartheid would deter them from reclaiming and decolonizing their stolen land.

This Global Day of InterAction for a #WorldwithoutWalls is the start for a series of exciting webinars on the walls of our times and the rising resistance to tear them down. The webinars look into ways to build internationalist solidarity and joint struggles against walls and zoom in on some less talked about walls - the digital walls, the Arab walls, Europe's anti-migration walls... Check out the schedule here, download and share the calendar.

For seventeen years, we have been relentlessly supporting farmers in the frontline defending their lands from the aggression of settlers and Israeli soldiers through the ‘You Are not Alone’ Campaign. It is a campaign of collective voluntary work actions aimed at supporting Palestinian farmers during the olive harvest season.  

As across the world schools are slowly opening again after COVID19 lockdowns, we call on you to ensure in Palestine schools are not demolished. Palestinians are sounding the alarm over the potential demolition of a newly built school in Ras Al’uja Bedouin community, the Jordan Valley, by the Israeli occupation authorities.

November 9 - Global Day of InterAction for a World without Walls - is coming closer and this year the call to tear down these symbols and structures of expulsion, exclusion, oppression, discrimination and exploitation is more urgent than ever. Please read the invitation to join the global interaction on November 9 here. Please let us know through this online form what you are planning, how you want to link up with others and how we can support you.


Palestinians rise up against the Israeli occupation authorities planned construction of a settlement industrial zone on hundreds of dunums of land seized from southern villages of Tulkarm governorate. Palestinians say, “we will relentlessly keep protesting until we stop the construction of this industrial zone, a place of death and misery for our workers and reclaim our looted lands!” They also say that time is now for the international community to take action to stop Israeli apartheid practices and hold the Israeli occupation authorities accountable for the endless crimes held against the Palestinian people.

On July 26th, Palestinians reiterated their solidarity with and support to the residents of the favelas who are plagued with police brutality and discrimination by holding a webinar as a part of the Black July events held annually in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The webinar endeavored to approximate the different, yet universal experiences of the people residing in the favelas and the Palestinian people. Strengthening bridges of solidarity between Palestine and the favelas aims to combat oppressive structures of apartheid, militarization, colonialism, settler-colonialism, hetero-patriarchy, capitalism and neo-liberalism, which all deprive Palestinians, residents in the favelas, indigenous and black people of their basic human rights, be it education, housing, healthcare, security, and many others. The Black July events are a space to decry the validation and exaltation of exclusionary practices of oppressive and apartheid regimes.

Palestinians rallied today in front of the German consulate,  currently presiding the EU Council, to call on the EU to pressure the Israeli government to  immediately release  Mahmoud Nawajaa. Nawajaa is a human rights defender and the General Coordinator of the BDS National Committee (BNC). The detention of Mahmoud on July 30th is an unveiled onslaught on the BDS movement, the effort led by Palestinians to overcome Israeli apartheid in a global struggle against racism and oppression and for freedom, justice and equality.

Israeli occupation forces shot dead a Palestinian mother during a dawn raid to West Bank Refugee Camp of Jenin on Friday, August 7th. Dalia Samoudi, 24, is a mother of two young children. She was holding her eight-month-old baby in her arms when a live bullet hit her in the chest, penetrated her liver and pancreas. Palestinians call on the international community to take action and hold Israeli apartheid accountable for its escalated violence and increased crimes against Palestinians amid the looming de jure annexation of the West Bank.

Tens of armed Israeli soldiers raided the home of Mahmoud Nawajaa, the General Coordinator of the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), Palestine’s largest civil society coalition on  Thursday, July 30ths. They arrested Mahmoud one day before the Al-Adha Eid celebrations. On Al-Adha Eid Day, Ruba Elaian, Mahmoud’s wife, expressed her sorrow at the absence of Mahmoud stating: “On the eve of Eid Al-Adha, the Israeli occupation forces raided our home, which we settled in only two weeks ago. We have not yet finished arranging our furniture, and our children’s games, nor our dreams. It is not strange for them to violate the sanctuaries of safe houses and intimidate Palestinians without the right to do so and without the slightest sense of humanity.

At about 1:00 AM on Wednesday, around fifty heavily armed Israeli soldiers surrounded the home of Abu Saqr with their military jeeps and arrested him and his twenty-two-year old son, Sakher. An hour before the detention of Abu Saqr and Sakher, Israeli soldiers raided the home of Ashraf, Abu Saqr’s son-in-law and a father of four young children and arrested him. Later on, they were accused of ‘stealing water’, which Israel’s national water company Mekorot illegally appropriates from Palestinians to serve, among others, Israel’s settlement project. After a grueling 20 hours in detention, without food or water, all three have been freed for now.

“Walls in Times of Pandemic” - is an online exhibit that has been preparared thanks to the contributions of many movements across the globe, from the Philippines to Mexico. It gives fragments of reality, traces connections and gives inspirations of struggle.

Visit the exhibition here. 

Over one thousand people marked the 16th anniversary of the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the illegality of the Wall and the obligation of the international community to act in order to stop it and end Israel’s violation of international law.

People gathered to protest Israel’s impending plans to formalize the annexation of up to 30% of the West Bank, which would leave them completely isolated in their villages behind the wall in ‘annexed’ land and without rights.

Yesterday, Friday July 3rd, was a day of rage and unification of struggle as Palestinians in five different areas across the West Bank united to rise up against the de jure annexation of large swaths of occupied West Bank. Palestinians see in the looming de jure annexation of their lands, a move backed by the US administration, a solidification of Israel’s settler colonial and apartheid regime subjugating them and obliterating their existence on their land since seven decades. 

So far, there has been silence from the Israeli side. Israel may be waiting for the right moment, when European parliaments are closed, the powerful and inspiring black movement in the US subsides, the coronavirus spikes even more. New Israeli maps emerged in the last days that show an even larger part of the West Bank to be annexed than what the Trump administration already agreed upon. They may still be finalizing internal debates or negotiating those new maps with the White House. We don’t know and it doesn’t matter.

Building schools from the rubble of destroyed ones is an open act of defiance of Israel’s plans to annex the Jordan Valley and large parts of the West Bank. This is why on Sunday, June 29th, Palestinian popular activists, youth groups and representatives of civil society organizations launched the Right to Education Campaign in the Jordan Valley.  At the eve of the start of Israel’s de jure annexation of up to 30 percent of the occupied West Bank, Palestinians in the Jordan Valley  collaborate hand in hand to build for the future of a new generation there, despite the  escalation of Israeli demolitions in the Valley. 

Another crime held by the Israeli occupation through the murder of Ahmad Erekat, 27, en route to his sister’s wedding ignites outrage all over occupied West Bank. The murder of Ahmad is part of a series of aggressive acts by the Israeli occupation amid the looming de jure annexation of the West Bank. More than any time before, Palestinians, in a united call, stress on the international community to take immediate measures to impose sanctions on Israeli apartheid and hold Israeli occupation forces accountable for their crimes and violations of Palestinians' human rights.

As the de jure annexation of large parts of the West Bank is looming, the pace of house demolition in the target areas for annexation is surging. A united call by Palestinian civil society urges the international community to impose sanctions on Israel to thwart the impending de jure annexation of 33 % of the West Bank, which will solidify Israeli regime of apartheid and Bantustanization of Palestinians.

Over 10 000 citizens from all over Europe and beyond have signed a petition to demand an end to a drones deal between the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and Israel’s largest military company Elbit Systems. EMSA leases, through the Portuguese company CeiiA, two Hermes 900 ‘killer drones’. The €59 million deal started in November 2018 and is up for renewal within the coming months. The signatories also demand EU member states to refuse the usage of these drones in their airspace. 

Palestinian civil society unites in a call for immediate and targeted sanctions as countermeasures to Israel's ongoing de facto and impending de jure annexation of large parts of the West Bank. As Israeli apartheid is finalizing its Bantustan project, aimed at encaging those Palestinians that have not been expelled from their homeland, it is time to act for states and the United Nations. Please read here the full call. 

“Hearing the sounds of fire and shooting at dawn, 15-year-old Zaid Qaysya hurried curiously to the rooftop of his family’s house in Al-Fawwar refugee camp, Hebron. It was heavily armed Israeli soldiers shooting at unarmed people protesting the Israeli military raid to the camp that disturbed Zaid’s sleep. While Zaid was watching the clashes between the soldiers and the protesters, an Israeli sniper from a distance of 400 meters was also observing Zaid and in premeditation and deliberateness he shot him dead in the head,” narrated Ismail Abu Hashhash, a defender of Palestinian refugees’ rights from Al-Fawwar refugee camp. Zaid was killed on May 13 by an Israeli sniper.

Today, May 1st, 2020, the Palestine New Federation of Trade Unions has issued a statement for international unity and struggle. The New Unions state "We Palestinians express our solidarity with our sisters and brothers all over the globe in fighting the pandemic and the capitalist corporations which rake in profits on the backs of workers. Crises are moments of change and today we reiterate our call for more collective action to intensify the movements that eventually will overthrow the racist, colonial, capitalist, patriarchal and neoliberal world order that hinges on the exploitation and subjugation of workers."

Palestine is battling two emergencies now: the COVID-19 pandemic and Israeli plans of annexation. The Israeli occupation continues to take advantage of the pandemic, the lockdown and the suspension of popular struggle campaigns to fulfill pre-existing settler colonial and apartheid goals. The deal for an Israeli government has set a timeframe for the de jure annexation of 30% of the West Bank, on the agenda starting July 1, and has further accelerated the race against the clock of the Israeli occupation authorities to enter the post-COVID19 world with more Palestinian land in their grip.

Yesterday, April 17, in Palestine we commemorated Prisoners Day – the day to strengthen and reaffirm our struggle for the liberation of the over five thousand Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

It is a day, in which we stand as well in solidarity with all those that are lingering in jails around the world, subject to repression. In particular, we want to express our solidarity with our comrades in India, Gautam Navlakha and Anand Teltumbde.

Palestinian popular activists and youth volunteers have already started work with dozens of the 255 marginalized communities most at risk, providing them with health kits and help them to organize local response groups.

We are determined to bring support and solidarity to all 255 communities!

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