In continuation of activities for International Day Against the Apartheid Wall on November 9th, groups and activities in Amman, Jordan are coordinating events to address the impact of the Wall in Palestine and support Palestinian resistance to defend their livelihoods. The Jerusalem Forum is organizing with the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign for a lecture on Tuesday December 9th where speakers from the Campaign will disucss the Wall’s devastating reality on life in Palestine.

Baqa ash Sharqiyya, Tulkarem District

***image3***At the Apartheid Wall’s gate to the south of Baqa ash Sharqiyya, a village isolated between the Wall and the Green Line, Israeli military soldiers have now been replaced with so-called border guards. All of the “border guards” at this gate are men, and they are prohibiting all Palestinian women from crossing the gate, forcing them to travel to a gate near the village Qaffin, where they then undergo body searches by soldiers who are women.

RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - Israeli forces killed four Palestinians, including a boy of six, in a major West Bank raid on Monday that provided a sharp contrast to the festive launch in Geneva of a symbolic Middle East peace accord.

The push into Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's base city Ramallah coincided with a U.S. diplomatic mission that won an Israeli pledge to start removing Jewish settler outposts as required by an internationally backed "road map" peace plan.

Some three weeks ago, the Apartheid Wall was “completed” around Azzun Atma with one military checkpoint/gate in the Wall becoming the only entrance for the village, the gate was further built with a five meter ominous sniper-tower. This gate has become a place of intensifying humiliation to all from Israeli soldiers—all residents of Azzun Atma leaving or people from Beit Amin, Mas-ha, Sanniriya, Azzawiya, and Habla who must pass by the sniper-tower into the village in order to reach their land, schools, of workplaces.

The Palestine Solidarity Organization, in cooperation with other solidarity groups in Sweden, mobilized for 2 days of activities in seven cities across the country against the Israeli Apartheid Wall on November 8th and 9th, answering the Palestinian global Call to Action.

From November 9th thru the 16th, communities throughout Philadelphia participated in the Palestinian call for global resistance to the Israeli Apartheid Wall, demanding an immediate end to the Wall. In addition to protesting the Wall and the Israeli Occupation, the demonstrators highlighted the responsibility of the United States government and taxpayers to cease funding of Israel terror. Activists used a series of eight-foot high mock Walls covered with maps, images, commentary and other resources to call attention to the injustice and devastation of the Apartheid Wall.

Momentum since November 9th, International Day Against the Wall, continues to build with solidarity groups worldwide as the day was declared by the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign to be “The Beginning of the Fall of the Wall”. Across Europe, coalitions and organizations are using November 29th, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, to launch campaigns in support of Palestinian resistance to the Apartheid Wall and colonization of their lives.

A Campaign of solidarity Launching in Germany

The Apartheid Wall’s path is accelerating rapidly with destruction continuing daily in the northern West Bank as well as the Jerusalem and Bethlehem areas. New information suggests that recent projections by international organizations have greatly underestimated the Apartheid Wall’s current and coming devastation on Palestinian communities throughout the West Bank.

On Monday, November 17, 2003, in solidarity with Palestinian mobilization and international organizing against the Israeli Apartheid Wall, activists on the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey constructed a mock Wall, and demonstrated for a Free Palestine. The mock Wall, after standing for the entire day, was eventually torn down by demonstrators and students in a symbolic and passionate gesture against Israeli Apartheid and Occupation.


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