The Occupation suppresses the weekly demonstrations against the wall and settlements and demonstrations condemning the martyrdom of captive Maisara Abu Hamdiyeh


The funeral of prisoner Maisara Abu Hamdiyeh in Hebron today was attended by thousands of mourners who lined the streets as the funeral procession set off from al-Ahli hospital towards al-Shuhada cemetery where the body will be buried.



Late on Wednesday night clashes erupted at Einab checkpoint, east of Tulkarem in the Occupied West Bank, resulting in the death of two Palestinian teenagers. Security officials confirmed that Israeli soldiers opened fire with live bullets killing Amer Nassar , 17, instantly when several bullets hit him in the chest. His body was held by the Israeli Occupation Forces for several hours before finally being returned to the Palestinian Red Crescent.

Linah Alsaafin, from Electronic Intifada - US President Barack Obama arrived in Ramallah by helicopter yesterday and gave yet another insipid speech. The Palestinian Authority’s security forces, collaborating with US forces, designated a huge security perimeter with the PA compound — the Muqataa — in the middle. Some of the city’s busiest streets were closed off and inaccessible to those not living there.

In the occasion of the 8th of march, the international Women’s Day, in the village of Qalqiliya 50 to 60 women participated in a protest in front of Habla gate, which divides Qalailiya from much of the rest of the district and crucial farming area. The gate is part of the all encompassing system of control Israel has established to enact its apartheid and is constituted by ever present Walls, checkpoints, gates and Jewish-only roads. This particular gate bars access to the other side for most of the time, allowing Palestinians to pass only 3 days per week in specific hours.

Last Friday, March 8th, Stop the Wall organized a demonstration in cooperation with the local organizations in Sabastiya and in Salfit district to protest against the Shafi Shomron settlement. Shafi Shomron has been making life impossible to the villagers in innumerous aspects. The protesters were repressed by the occupation forces, who shot tear gas and sounds bombs at the crowd.

On February 22nd, during a protest in support of the hunger strikers in Aboud, 22-year-old student Mohammad Assfour was shot by the Israeli military, becoming the another martyr in the recent prisoners Intifada. The protest gathered 70 Palestinians showing their support and solidarity for the political prisoners who have been in a hunger strike.

Palestinian youth groups of "Palestinians For Dignity" call to reject US President Obama's visit to the occupied Palestinian territory expected between 20-22 March, and to demonstrate against the possible return to negotiations.

The legacy of Chavez lives on in the anti-imperialist struggle around the globe!

To the people of Venezuela,

with deep sadness we have heard the news of the passing away of President Hugo Chavez Frías, an exceptional leader, fighter against imperialism and for the self-determination of the people.

We give our condolences to his family, those that were closest to him and all those that are mourning his passing away today.

I have never been in a courtroom or a jail before now. I cannot draw a direct comparison to anything I know from the UK. But I am certain that the court hearing of Stop the Wall youth coordinator Hassan Karajah on 14 February at Jalameh military court near Haifa was not like anything I could have come across in the UK.

This Friday, in Hebron Stop the Wall had joined the Hebron Defense Committee (HDC) and  national political parties to mark the Open Shuhada Street Action Day. Amidsts other activities, the Friday protest was the culmination of the mobilization. The protest started at Bab Izzawiya near “Checkpoint 56” and proceeded then to Hebron’s old city.

A steel and concrete barrier blocking off Shuhada Street along the path of the demonations was scaled by several youths who planted several Palestinian national and political flags on top.

Tomorrow, Hassan Karajah will have a new military court session. It is now over five weeks that Hassan is in Israeli detention, interrogated by the same military officers that tortured Arafat Jaradat to death. Still no accusations have been brought forward against him.

On February 28, at yet another hearing the military judge decided that he and his lawyer will had to wait another 7 days for evidence and charges to be presented. In the meantime, Karajah will remain in detention.

Addameer reports on Hassan's case: "The Jalameh Military Court extended the detention and interrogation of activist and human rights defender HASSAN KARAJAH for 5 more days.His next hearing will be on Thursday 28 February 2013 in Ofer Military Court. The prosecution requested that his detention be extended eight days, which was reduced to 5 days. 

Join the International Action Day “Open Shuhada Streets!”

for the Reopening of Shuada Street and Freedom of Movement for the Palestinian Inhabitants of Hebron,

February 24, 2012


When colonial supremacy and racial hatred are entering into a perverse spiral of folly, then not even cows are safe anymore. Yesterday in the night, Israeli settlers tried to poison the only cow of Palestinian farmer Khalid Draghmeh. It was not the first time they attacked his livestock. Already a year ago, his horse got poisoned by the same settlers.  

Last Thursday, the Israeli military court in Jalamah prison has decided to extend the interrogation period for Hassan Karajah for another 11 days. The lawyer has immediately appealed the decision and today was another hearing scheduled. No decision has been communicated to the lawyer so far. 

Today the Israeli military court has extended the interrogation period of Hassan Karajah, the Stop the Wall youth coordinator that was taken from his home by Israeli military on January 23, for another four days. A new court hearing is scheduled for Thursday 14 at Jalameh prison.

We ask all international organizations, media and activists to come and attend the court hearing in order to show Hassan that he is not alone and to impress on the Israeli authorities that the world is watching their repression of Palestinian human rights defenders.

Palestinian agricultural organisations today issued an appeal for international civil society to take action to pressure supermarkets and governments to end trade with Israeli companies that operate in settlements, which finances and rewards settlement expansion and other violations of international law.

The occupation courts have forbidden Hassan Karajah's lawyer from seeing him until Sunday, February 10 2013. In the meanwhile international pressure is growing. European governments are alerted about the case and international civil society is mobilizing.

Amnesty International has released a statement on Hassan Karajah asking their members and concerned citizens to address Israeli authorities regarding the case. Fore more click here

In the early hours of Wednesday 23rd January 2013, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested Hassan Yasser Karajeh, the Stop the Wall youth coordinator and a well known young human rights defender, violently breaking into his home in the West Bank village of Safa, west of Ramallah. We are gravely concerned to hear reports of Mr Karajah being subject to physical violence already at the very beginning of his detention. This new arrest of a Stop the Wall staff member comes as part of the continued Israeli repression of Palestinian human rights defenders and of Stop the Wall in particular.

More than 200 Palestinians are building the village “Bab Munatir” in the Nablus region:

This morning, more than 200 Palestinian Popular Committees activists started construction of (02.02.2013) the village of “Bab Munatir” on the land of the Munatir area – land threatened with confiscation by the Israeli army of occupation and settlers in the Palestinian village of Bourin, south of Nablus region.


Khalid Daragmah's home dates back to the Ottoman times. Set on 22 dunams of green, arable land, it is sprinkled with trees, a spring and rolling hills to the back. It has been in his family for generations; his grandfather ran a business pressing olives from inside.

More than 200 Palestinians are building the village “Bab Munatir” in the Nablus region:


This morning, more than 200 Palestinian Grassroots Committees activists started construction of (02.02.2013) the village of “Bab Munatir” on the land of the Munatir area – land threatened with confiscation by the Israeli army of occupation and settlers in the Palestinian village of Bourin, south of Nablus region.



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