From November 9th thru the 16th, communities throughout Philadelphia participated in the Palestinian call for global resistance to the Israeli Apartheid Wall, demanding an immediate end to the Wall. In addition to protesting the Wall and the Israeli Occupation, the demonstrators highlighted the responsibility of the United States government and taxpayers to cease funding of Israel terror. Activists used a series of eight-foot high mock Walls covered with maps, images, commentary and other resources to call attention to the injustice and devastation of the Apartheid Wall.

Momentum since November 9th, International Day Against the Wall, continues to build with solidarity groups worldwide as the day was declared by the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign to be “The Beginning of the Fall of the Wall”. Across Europe, coalitions and organizations are using November 29th, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, to launch campaigns in support of Palestinian resistance to the Apartheid Wall and colonization of their lives.

A Campaign of solidarity Launching in Germany

The Apartheid Wall’s path is accelerating rapidly with destruction continuing daily in the northern West Bank as well as the Jerusalem and Bethlehem areas. New information suggests that recent projections by international organizations have greatly underestimated the Apartheid Wall’s current and coming devastation on Palestinian communities throughout the West Bank.

On Monday, November 17, 2003, in solidarity with Palestinian mobilization and international organizing against the Israeli Apartheid Wall, activists on the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey constructed a mock Wall, and demonstrated for a Free Palestine. The mock Wall, after standing for the entire day, was eventually torn down by demonstrators and students in a symbolic and passionate gesture against Israeli Apartheid and Occupation.

Below the growing list of worldwide activities taking place in solidarity with those here in Palestine for November 9th, International Day Against the Wall! The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign will be updating the list of worldwide events in this section from solidarity groups, organizations, and coalitions—so contact us to add your group’s events!

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On November 9, activists in Buenos Aires organized in protest of Israel’s Apartheid Wall as part of the Palestinian National and International Call for Action.

***image2***A significant crowd mobilized in front of the United Nations Building to demand justice by bringing an end to the Occupation and the Wall. Powerful speakers, information-sharing and solidarity marked the day in condemnation of Israel’s policies of Apartheid, control and ghettoization.

On November 9, in solidarity with the Palestinian grassroots National and International Call to Action, The Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Edinburgh, Scotland stood firm on their stance that the Israeli Apartheid Wall must end by gathering for protest, street theater and information-sharing on the Royal Mile.

The approaching Id, the feast at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, a time that should be of celebration for residents in Barta’a ash Sharqiyya is already fated to be bleak with the continual Israeli measures against Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip; now its unsure that residents in Barta’a will even be able to have sufficient food as the Occupation military is forbidding the villagers to bring in food into the community which is imprisoned between the Apartheid Wall and the Green Line.

In Barcelona and Valencia protests erupted on November 9th for the Palestinian National and International Day of Action against the Israeli Apartheid Wall.

In a powerful visual display, including mock Walls, banners, posters, music and chanting, the streets of London were transformed into a sea of solidarity with Palestinian mobilization on November 9.

On November 9, in a compelling display of solidarity against the Israeli Apartheid Wall, demonstrators from SPHR (Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights) at Carleton University demanded an end to injustice through protest, rally and education. It is certain that the display will remain etched in the minds of participants and passers-by as a tremendous mock Wall, 110 feet long and 8 feet high blazed through the campus. The display ensured that the oppressive reality of the Apartheid Wall that is tearing through Palestine was placed in the center of attention and could not be ignored.

Surprise and interest were at peek levels in the city center of Oxford on November 9, when a mock Wall marched through the streets and shopping centers where local activists acted in solidarity with the International Call to Action against Israel’s Apartheid Wall. The marching “Wall” was one in a string of street theater activities organized by the Oxford branch of Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

***image2***In Manchester on November 9, 2003, the streets were energized in solidarity with the Palestinian National and International Call to Action as demonstrators loudly denounced Israeli’s Apartheid Wall and its policies of Occupation. A mock Wall covered with slogans reading “This Wall Must Fall!” was created out of five banners, each 5 meters long and marked with two lines of barbed wire on top to remind the people of Manchester of the reality of life in Palestine with the Apartheid Wall.

On November 9, as mobilization raged worldwide, Stop the Occupation, the Dutch Palestine Committee and the Palestinian community were joined by hundreds in a powerful demonstration against the Israeli Occupation and the Apartheid Wall.

Around 300 demonstrators converged in Santa Monica to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian National and International Call to Action for November 9 against the oppressive Israeli Apartheid Wall. Protestors built a tremendous mock Wall that was covered in compelling images of the Wall as well as facts, figures, maps and drawings. After several hours of information sharing, speakers and rallying – the mock Wall was brought to the ground in a tremendous show of solidarity against Israel’s Apartheid Wall.

On November 9th, Melbourne activists answered the Palestinian Call to Action with a mobilization of more than 100 people on the busy footpath of Brunswick Street in the suburb of Fitzroy. A mock Wall was built across the footpath to draw the attention of pedestrians to the injustice being served to Palestinians at the hands of Israeli Occupation and the construction of the Apartheid Wall. Essential information about the Wall and its impact on Palestinian communities and livelihood was distributed to hundreds of people passing by through a mock 'checkpoint permit'.

The Association Iceland-Palestine joined the Palestinian National and International Call to Action on November 9th by organizing a film screening and speaking event at the Nordic House, a cultural center in Reykjavik, to educate people about the reality of life for Palestinians under Israeli Occupation through personal eyewitness testimonies. The event was well attended and created a platform for education, networking and ongoing community organizing and mobilization against the oppressive Israeli Occupation.


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