The Olive Harvest

You Will Not Face Settler Violence Alone

This year, the olive harvest season comes with a great increase in the number of attacks by settlers on Palestinian farmers and villagers. We expect that violence will continue to escalate over the next two months.Israel feels more isolated than ever before – in the region and internationally; in response it is militarily training settlers and shoring up their supplies of weaponry of repression. We expect that revenge from the Israeli occupation and from settlers will be directed towards vulnerable farmers by preventing them from reaching their lands, burning and uprooting olive trees, and escalating the number of organized aggressive attacks.

It is therefore imperative that the campaign, along with other Palestinian organizations, local youth movements, and activists, organize volunteer activities to strengthen and support the farmers in the most threatened villages by helping them to harvest their olive crop. We call on all of our friends, activists in solidarity with Palestine, organizations, and individuals to join us in these activities throughout the West Bank. The focus areas of this year's campaign are:

District Locations
Jenin The campaign starts from the village of Araba on 10/10


Villages: Madama, Asira, Burin, Awarta, Sawiya


Salfit, Deir Estia, Iskaka, Yasuf


Qaffin, Kafr Labad, Zeta


Ni'lin, al-Mazra al-gharbya


al-Walaja, Beit Jala


Beit Aula, Surif, Athna Beit Awa, Kharas, Susia


Villages northwest of Jerusalem, Issawiya


Jayyous, Azzun

  • Lands isolated behind the Wall will have joint activities with our people in 1948 Palestine.

  • Areas were chosen based on the criteria of being close to a settlement and having a history of settler's attacks.

This is the 7th year of the olive harvest campaign during which we will collect data about the violations in 105 West Bank villages.

Our partners include Union of Agriculture Working Committees (UAWC), Palestinian Agricultural relief Committees (PARC), Union of Medical Relief Committees (UPMRC), Helth Working Committee (HWC) Farmer's Union, Herak Shebabi, Ma'an Development Center, and the Alternative Information Center(AIC)

To confirm participation, contact the office of the Stop the Wall Campaign:
Office: +97022971505
Mobile: 0598921821


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