***image2***Mohamed Lahrub, 70 years of age, from the village of Deir Samit, works in agricultural and farming, and says:

My name is Mohamed Lahrub, today a resident of the village of Deir Samit, but I am originally from the village of Ashbur in the 1948 lands, where my grandfathers were from, and where 1000 dunums of land were owned by my grandfather Mustafa Lahrub, and then the Occupation forced us out in 1948 and from the 1000 dunums only 140 remain with us. We began to farm and sow the remaining land after 1948, land that was divided between us and my uncle, and that is what was left for us, and we have been farming this land from then, and until today.

The Jewish Occupation is now building the Apartheid Wall which we know nothing about, nor why it is being built, and we have been farming the land, and planting it with olive trees, and figs, and almonds, and it is our main source of living which we and our children eat from. These trees were planted a long time ago, and thank God they bear an abundance of fruit, and we would produce 12 tons of olives from it, and the same quantity as well was produced by my uncle. And now this third Nakba has come upon us which was inconceivable: is it not enough the 1948 Nakba and the 1967 Nakba, and now a new Nakba that is the Wall. And this is what it means, three Nakbat.

And the olive tree is now in its season, and the trees bear fruit filled with love and goodness which we wait for year after year, to pick its fruits and produce oil and olives, black and green, but the Occupation did not give us the chance to pick the olives, and without any mercy they uproot it. The Wall confiscates and isolates all of our lands and trees and leaves us with nothing, and now we do not know what we should do against this racist and oppressive Wall, what can we do?, We ask the world to stop this Wall with us, and to defeat them in this struggle.

We were since the first Nakba carrying the UNRWA refugee card, but for a long time now they cut us off, and then the 1967 Nakba, and now the Apartheid Wall Nakba has come.

This racist Wall that they are making is illegal and brings nothing of the peace that is being spoken of; this Wall only increases the problems and the devastation.

My house is located near the place which the Occupation is razing to the ground for the building of the Apartheid Wall; they forced me out twice before and they have threatened me with my home’s destruction and demanded that I leave it saying that the house is near the Wall and perhaps on the Wall’s path. But we are not leaving it, only upon death.


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