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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Villagers of Deir Ballut come under attack from Occupation Forces

***image2***At 9 am a group of Palestinian villagers of Deir Ballut went to their lands that are currently being uprooted by the Occupation for the footprint of the Apartheid Wall in the Western area of the village called Khalayil Ta’mor. The make-up of the group spanned various generations, with elderly villagers down to young children, going to the confiscated lands to protest their destruction.

Young children began to throw stones at the Occupation bulldozers and their security guards. In response guards started firing on the crowd using live ammunition injuring four people, three of them critically. Majed Dawood (38) was injured critically in the chest. He has a wife and six children and has lost 40 dunums through the destruction of the occupation in this area. Khalil Abed-Al-Raheem (57) with a family of eight who has land destroyed by the Apartheid Wall, was also critically injured. Samer Dawood (24) was injured in his foot. He has a wife and two young children. Lastly, Hamadah Abed-Al-Wahab (24) who own 40 dunums confiscated in this area, was shot twice and taken to Ramallah hospital.



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