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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Farmers' Union and Stop the Wall campaign commemorate the eternal Land Day

2 \ 4 \ 2014 The Union of Palestinian Farmers and the grass-roots campaign Stop the Wall, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Association of Kafr al-Labad planted more than 100 olive seedlings on a land threatened with confiscation near "Avni Hefetz" settlement, which was built on the lands of Kafr al-Labad and Shufa villages in Tulkarm. Dozens of volunteers and farmers planted seedlings commemorating the eternal Land Day.


Raafat Alkhndakja, a member of the Executive Office of the Union of Palestinian Farmers, confirmed that this event, which is funded by the Arab Society for the Protection of Nature, is part of a series of activities that the Union carries out with its partners throughout the year. These events come within the second Million Tree Campaign, and the Green Palestine project, which aim to support the steadfastness of Palestinian farmers through providing seedlings to be planted in their lands, which is threatened with confiscation by the Israeli army and settlers.


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