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Walaja: The Continuing Nakba

... houses demolished. The Wall according to the maps is about settlements, there are several settlement projects on the lands ...

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Khalid Al-Salfiti: Wherever I Go, the Occupation and its Wall Will Follow

... shops in the Old City will be closed. The olive wood maps of Palestine that adorn my shop are made in Palestine, and are handcrafted ...

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When the Wall is emptied from its real meaning:<br> Mjadara leaves more than a bitter taste for Palestinians Ghettoized under Apartheid

... context of the existence of the Wall itself. The maps printed in the supplement fail to include settlements (except for Beit ...

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The Significance of November 9th for the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

... were made available. The exhibit also included poster maps of the Wall’s path and the Campaign’s quarterly newsletter. An ...

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The War of the Olives

... Walid Abu Muhsin, researcher and head of the maps department at the Center says that such “Israeli aggression against ...

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Final Status in the Shape of a Wall

... and demolition orders issued to Palestinians, published maps, official statements and satellite imagery to forecast a number of ...

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The Wall - the Ongoing Nakba

... villages that were destroyed during the Nakba, along with maps, will be distributed from the Camp. 21,900 black balloons will be released ...

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Record numbers mobilize in defense of Palestinians in Gaza

... in Den Hague. An information session was held, with maps, photos, personal stories and a history of the region being given to help ...

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