Stop the Bantustans!

In 2005, Stop the Wall has published a map projecting the Israeli plans for the final status of control of land in the West Bank - displaying the boundaries of the Palestinian Bantustans as prepared by Israel. Today this image is turning reality. 

For the map, click here. 

10 years later, we see how Israel is rapidly and relentlessly finalizing the last infrastructural adjustments to close off these Bantustans from the rest of the West Bank and the world and to expel all those communities outside these boundaries from their homes and lands. In this effort, Israel is not only destroying the homes and lands of the people but is building 'Relocation camps', where they aim to forcibly transfer the population.

For a detailed factsheet on the Israeli 'Relocation Plan', click here.

Stop the Wall continues to build resistance together with the communities on the ground to challenge this plan and prepares information and documentation to raise awareness globally of the urgency to act. 

Below we have gathered documentation, including interviews, photos, videos and factsheets about Israel's overall plans and specific communities in struggle. 

Please read, share and act to help us to stop the Bantustanisation of Palestine!


E1 Area: the third expulsion

The ethnic cleansing of the E1 area, east of Jerusalem, from the Bedouin communities is the first step within a detailed plan to ethnically cleanse area C of the West Bank (some 60% of the territory) from its Palestinian residents and, where possible, to expand Israeli settlements in the areas. Israel has now started to build 'relocation camps' for Palestinian communities to be expelled from their homes. On Abu Dis land one of these relocation camps is being constructed. 

Stop the Wall Campaign and the Popular Resistance Committees have at the beginning of the year arranged a protest camp in Abu Dis area, called 'The Gate to Jerusalem'. They all struggle for the right to their own land. The protest camp resisted for almost two months and a dozen demolitions before the Israeli bulldozers could move ontro the land.

The struggle of the people to stop the Israeli plan to transform the area into a relocation camp for Bedouin communities is continuing.


The Gate to Jerusalem camp has resisted 10 demolitions and countless aggressions of the Israeli military. Here you can watch an account of the reality.


  • Click here to read a full report on the oral history of the Jahalin Bedouin. 


Susiya - Stories of Dispossessions

Among the many faces of Occupation, daily demolitions play a relevant and devastating role of land theft and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Susiya is only one of the many examples: a village whose people live in constant fear of being ejected from their land and deported, as has already happened three times in the last thirty years.

Susiya, a small village in southern Hebron, was originally inhabited by some 25 families, living mainly on farming.  In 1983, Suseya, an Israeli settlement was established nearby: this marked the start of relentless violence against the people in order to expel them from their land. Yet, they still resist. 

Nasser Nawaja, one of the residents of Susiya states: "They’re calling our village an illegal outpost. These lands are ours before there was a State of Israel, my father is older than your state – and I am an illegal alien on my own land. I ask, where is justice?"


To download the factsheet on the struggle of the people in Susiya, click here


Beit Jala: towards the Bantustans

Monday 17th August, at 7:30 in the morning Israeli bulldozers started overturning the earth and uprooting olive trees from the lands, which are situated in the valley (Wadi Ahmed) at the feet of Beit Jala north west of Bethlehem. Israel has started to finalize the Apartheid Wall in this area. The confiscation of the lands in the area will result in a severe loss of income for the local population and will definitely close of Bethlehem district from Jerusalem.


For the factsheet on Beit Jala and the Cremisan Valley, click here.

See photos of the protests at the Stop the Wall facebook page:

See the video of the protest:


Jordan Valley: daily ethnic cleansing

The Jordan Valley has been since a long time a key target of the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian population is already resisting decades of Israeli efforts to ethnically cleanse the area. The methods used by Israeli authorities range from home demolitions to expulsion orders, from denial of access to water to the destruction of schools and health clinics, from the burning of lands to continuing expansion of the settlements. 

One of the forms to expel Palestinians from their lands in the Jordan Valley is the holding of military trainings in the lands and villages of the people. 

Military trainings in the Jordan Valley increased dramatically since 2012 and are part and parcel of Israel's effort to ethnically cleanse the Area C from its Palestinian inhabitants, to forcibly transfer the communities in the so-called 'relocation zones' currently under construction in the area of al Aizariya and in planning around the Jordan Valley. In May 2014, Col. Einav Shalev, operations officer of the Central Command told the subcommittee of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that "the goal of preventing illegal construction is one of the main reasons the Israel Defense Forces has recently increased its training in the Jordan Valley".


  • See a report on this here

  • See the video on the military training below. 


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