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Help protect Palestinian popular resistance

Israeli repression is relentlessly targeting the activists and communities involved in popular resistance and mobilization against the Wall. Already many people have been killed by the Israeli military, hundreds arrested and thousands injured. Stop the Wall has prepared two reports detailing the extent and strategy of Israeli repression – People versus Repression and Repression Allowed, Resistance Denied.
International exposure of popular resistance in the media and in the public eye and its aims and victories, as well as Israeli resistance, is a crucial element to pressure Israel to stop the clamp down on the grassroots struggle against the Wall and the settlements. Please raise awareness among human rights organizations in your country and lobby your political representatives to speak out against the repression of Palestinian human rights defenders and popular resistance.

  • Make Palestine and the Wall Campaign a focal point in local, national, and international gatherings
  • Read our resources and materials which have been compiled on this site with a particular focus on supporting the mobilization movement. This movement aims to support the Campaign through the initiative of groups and individuals to make the Wall a focus during gatherings and conferences around Palestine, through social and environmental justice and also through human rights.
  • Create Exposure for the Website
  • Make our site known through feeds, links, publications, contacts and email lists. The site is one of the main ways in which Stop the Wall can directly communicate to the world.
  • Follow us on other platforms to stay connected. We are on: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Flickr, and Qik.
  • Translate material
  • We are constantly looking for translators to make sure that the Campaign material is available in as many languages as possible. If you can, please contact us through translations.
  • Design our Publications and Activist Material
  • The Campaign provides activists with a variety of materials which they can use to mobilize people against the Wall. Designing publications and materials, including fact sheets, posters, flyers, and more, will greatly help in making such resources available.
  • Make available to us your photos and film footage on the Wall
  • Photos, film footage and audio interviews on the Wall expose the daily devastation which communities are facing. The Campaign provides such materials for activists to use globally as well as in exhibitions locally and abroad.
  • Keep us informed. Let us know what you are doing and what others are doing. This may not sound extremely significant, but we find that many organizations and individuals do not update us on their activities or share with us when they use our material or the kind of response it gets. In addition, forward us good articles from your media (not only the English language) so we can see how the Wall, the popular resistance in Palestine and the BDS campaigns are being covered and can also post such articles on the website.
  • Volunteer at the Stop the Wall office. Stop the Wall always looks for volunteers that are ready to come to Palestine and support our international outreach; preferably for a minimum period of three months. Volunteers should have experience in the social justice movement or solidarity movement and credible references. If you are interested please Contact Us.

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