Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protecting data means protecting our collective rights and is part of our efforts. The information you give to us by email, through forms that you fill out on our website, including when you donate to Stop the Wall, is managed with great care.

How your information is used

  • Contacting you with news, action alerts, information and updates about and related to our campaigns and events and calls for support
  • Other reasonable internal purposes, including administering donations, directly connected to your relationship with Stop the Wall.
  • To enable you to participate in a petition hosted on our site, we will collect your name and email address. We will ask you optionally to indicate your country. We use your data (signature) to note your participation in a petition in the signature list. We will hand over the information about your name, surname, country (if indicated) and email address only to the petition target – that way we can prove that there is a real person behind your signature. If you have opted to keep updated, we will a) add you to our mailinglist for you to receive our updates. (You can opt out any time.)┬áb) share your data with co-organizers of the petitions that work in your country to ensure you will receive updates in your own language.

We may share your details with trusted service providers in order to help us conduct some of the activities above. This service is undertaken on behalf of Stop the Wall, and is done under contract, in compliance with strict DGPR compliance.

We will never sell your information to anyone.

We never share your information with anyone, except as indicated above.

How we keep your information secure

Stop the Wall takes keeping your data secure very seriously. We work with IT specialists that are leading the movement for a free internet and for data protection, and technical and administrative staff to ensure that we have up to date security features in place to protect your data. We do not stop at the bare minimum of legal requirements to ensure your data is protected; we actively work with specialists to ensure that your data is safe at all times and that we have taken extraordinary steps to ensure your data protection.

How you can amend the information we hold about you or change how we contact you

You can contact us at any time by email and request we change or erase your details.

You can unsubscribe from receiving emails, newsletters, e-actions and petitions at any time, using the unsubscribe function on the email. You can delete all your information whenever you decide by emailing us at global[at]

Access requests

At your request, we will give you all details of personal information held about you by Stop the Wall, once we can satisfactorily verify your identity.

Our security measures and this policy are reviewed on a regular basis. If you have any questions relating to this policy, please address them to: global[at]

Third Party Data Access

Stop the Wall actively strives to limit any third-party access to our user information. Yet the use of some software necessitates limited third party access. Wherever we can, we work with non-profit service providers that share our vision of a free internet and the right to privacy and data protection, far beyond legal obligations. All Stop the Wall service providers have confirmed and verified their application of GDPR guidelines.

Third party service providers are only used in cases of emails, newsletters, and fundraisers.