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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

World Social Forum 2004 in Mumbai India Begins, Palestinians Prepare for Strong Presence Against the Occupation and Apartheid Wall

Some 100,000 people, over half of which from India, are expected to attend the five day gathering, which is taking place for the fourth consecutive year and for the first time in India from January 16th to the 21st. The World Social Forum (WSF) is an international gathering of organizations movements, and individuals speaking out against globalization and neo-liberalism under the slogan “Another World is Possible”.

Some 30,000 of the attendees at eh WSF are coming from around the world, including some 75 delegates from Arab counties, 25 which from Palestine representing various Palestinian organizations and grassroots efforts. The Palestinian delegation, representing a number of West Bank and Gaza NGOs, includes the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, which is running the only Palestinian stall for information dissemination that includes a photo exhibition on the Wall.

The Campaign has also organized the largest Palestine related event that will take place at the WSF under the title, “The Apartheid Wall: Security as Pretense for Dispossession”. Speakers include individuals from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, an activist and farmer from Jayyus village, a human rights and legal expert who will focus on the upcoming International Court/Hague hearing, an representative from the Palestine Solidarity Committee in South Africa, and an organizers in Europe to discuss mobilization and outreach.

A parallel event is taking place, across the street from the WSF venue, under the name Mumbai Resistance 2004 (MR 2004), which maintains that its opposition is more unambiguously against Imperialism and Globalization. MR 2004, which is expected to see a much smaller attendance of some 5,000 people most of whom are all from India, will include the slogans “Build Another World” and “Strengthen People’s Struggles”. A number of their events will focus on Palestine and Occupation.

The WSF will lead a demonstration on Wednesday January 21st titled “Solidarity March” that is expected to include the majority of the 100,000 delegates. MR 2004 will lead a demonstration the day before to the American Consulate in Mumbai in solidarity with the Iraqi people and against their Occupation.


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