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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

At the Eve of the 2nd International Week against the Apartheid Wall: 2000 Protestors go to the Streets in the Canary Islands!

***image2***Saturday, November 6, some 2,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Las Palmas, Canary Islands (Spain) to protest against the Apartheid Wall that Israel is building in Palestine. The march was opened with a large Palestinian flag and a banner stating: “Hands Off Iraq and Palestine!!”.

The event, which marked the International Week against the Apartheid Wall and was a denunciation of Israeli Apartheid, was organized by the Plataforma por la Paz en Palestina in coordination with other organizations and significant political personalities in the Canary Islands.

Slogans against the Apartheid Wall, the ongoing assassinations perpetrated by Israel and Zionist fascism were chanted throughout the demonstration. In one of the main streets of Las Palmas a big, 8 meter-high cloth banner carried the message “For Peace in Palestine – Break Down the Walls that Divide the People,” emphasizing the separation of Palestine from the world and the mass solidarity with its struggle, was unfolded and stretched-out across the street to represent the Apartheid Wall. That day and in a great act of solidarity, the demonstrators symbolically tore down the Wall which Israel is building to isolate and imprison the Palestinian people.

As part of the demonstration, a symbolic ghetto surrounded by a mock Wall was constructed, and the demonstrators put messages of solidarity, letters of protest, calls for peace, and an end to the Apartheid Wall. A delegate of the Spanish Committee for the Support of Refugees, Armando Quintana, read a common declaration of solidarity and protest saying that “many thought the Berlin Wall had been the last remnant of the Cold War but they were proven wrong, as intolerance, hatred and fanaticism are evidently winning on a global scale.” This was followed by a reading of poems by Francisco Tarajano on Palestine.

In the Canary Islands, in the days following this demonstration, further awareness raising events on Israeli Apartheid policies and the isolation forced upon the Palestinian people took place.



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