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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Today, Three Accounts of Property Destruction in the West Bank

The occupation forces washed away a number of water wells, throne room and agricultural land in the area known as “Thahr al Suboh” in Kufur al Deik village in Salfit. The occupation has done this several times before within the same area, which is an agricultural relief operation project funded by the Dutch government.
A group of settlers also uprooted 30 olive trees belong to Osama Alsamamra and wrote hostile slogans to the Arabs, in al-Samou’ village in the Hebron district.
As well, and for the thirty-third time, the occupation forces demolished Araqib village in the Negev within the territory of Palestine 1948. Aziz Sayah said that the forces snatched them out while eating their lunch and started demolishing. Despite demolishing for the 33rd time the people of Araqib remain steadfast and will continue to be for as long as our people stand with us.


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