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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Settlers Stole Dozens of Olive Trees in Turmusaia and Destroyed Others in Madama


A group of Israeli settlers yesterday cut and stole dozens of olive trees in Turmusaia village in Ramallah district, while other settler groups destroyed dozens more in Madama village in Nablus district.

The villagers said that the settlers used bulldozers with protection from the occupation forces to cut dozens of olive trees belonging to Mohammad Asaad Rabie Abu Hanon.

The head of the village council, Mr Rajeh Abu Alsukkar, said that the occupation forces claimed to have been awarded a decision from the court to level the land, but when villagers asked to see the order, occupation forces said they didn't have it.

Abu Alsukkar added that the owners have had posession of the land for 15 years, a decision from the occupation court, and that they have the right to use it.


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