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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Settlers uprooted dozens of trees in Beit Ummar Village


For the second time in 24 hours settlers from «Bat Ayin» has uprooted dozens of trees, grape, almond and olive trees in the farmland owned by Hammad Al Salaeibi (Abu Samar). This happened in the area of Wadi Alreesh in Beit Ummar Village. When Abu Samer went to his land he was shocked to see that the settlers had uprooted 35 grape trees 12 oseat trees and 6 olive trees. The olive trees was over 50 years old. Abu Samer suffered a nervous breakdown from the saith of his trees being gone. The occupation forces came to the land later that day and told him if he wanted to do something he would have to go to the police station inside the settlement. As this has happened to Abu Samer before, he has tried this approached with no reactions what so ever. It is also known that any Palestinian that gets near a settlement, risks his life.


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