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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Israeli occupation demolishes an under struction house in Deir Balout

The Israeli forces demolished a house under struction at dawn on Thursday, in Deir Balout village in Salfeet district. Rezek Abu Naser the coordinator of Stop the Wall in the district has reported that the house belongs to Ghanem Abd Allah, and has an area of 130 meters.

Kamal Yousef, the president of Deir Baloit municipality said that this house is one of 50 houses that are threatened with demolition in "Khilet Kasool" region. The reason given by the Israeli occupation authorities is a lack of permit. Denial of building permits is used by the Israeli authorities as part of its policies of ethnic cleansing to curtail building space for Palestinians and force them in this way to leave the area.


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