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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Settlers' attacks Report for January of 2014. Uprooting more than 2,000 olive trees and almost daily attacks on citizens.

January 2014 witnessed increase in the continues settlers' crimes against Palestinians and their property, as well as the reveal of further settlement expansion plans that the Israeli government agreed on. 

The Israeli government has announced the construction of more than 1,600 housing units were distributed as follows: 

0.250 housing units in the settlement of "Ofra" 0.108 units in the settlement of "Carney Shmron" 0.600 housing units in Jerusalem, 0.227 units in the settlement of "Efrat" 0.78 units in "Alfe Mansheh" settlement, 0.40 units in the settlement of "Ariel" 0.75 units in the settlement of "Adam" 0.24 units in the settlement of "Bitar Elite" 0.102 units in the settlement of "Amnoial" and 169 housing units "Al Nkafieh" settlement. 

As the occupation army and settlers' daily attacks continues against Palestinian citizens, their land and property, 2020 olive trees were uprooted in January 2014, along with 50 almond and grapes trees; as the Israeli army uprooted 1000 olive trees in Qana Vally in Salfit district, 800 of them belong to the citizen Abdul Karim Ahmed Mansour, and 100 of them belong to the citizen Qasim Mansoor and 100 trees belong to the citizen Abdul Qader Abu Hijleh. 

The settlers of "Shiloh" settlement  uprooted and stole1000 olive seedlings in Singel in Ramallah district. In Yatta, south of Hebron "ream" settlers uprooted 50 olive trees of considerable age belongs to the citizen Khader Meseef, along with 50 almond and grapes trees that the Occupation Army uprooted. 

In addition to the confiscation of land and the targeting olive trees, settlers attack Palestinian citizens' under the protection and observation of Occupation Army; they attack their property, burn their cars and houses, throwing stones at passers-by, and road closures, they even burn mosques and wrote racist graffiti on walls, like what happened in Darastia village where a group of settlers burned down a mosque in the village and wrote racist graffiti. 

Settlers living in settlements on the occupied West Bank, attack Palestinians almost everyday; most attacks are under the protection and supervision of the occupation army, as parts of one occupation expansion policy, aims eventually to work on the completion of the colonial policy of the Israeli government represented in confiscating Palestinians lands and displacing them. 

Despite the launch of negotiations since last September, the Israeli government and settlers increased the attacks, demolitions, confiscation, settlement expansion, and the announcement of the construction of new housing units. As well as settlers' expropriation of lands, razing and planting them. In addition to demolition of Palestinians houses and tents, like what happened in the Yatta area in Hebron when  "Susia" settlers destroyed a tin tent that belongs to the citizen Ezz El Deen Al Daajndh, in the area of ​​Khirbet Susiya, and like what happened when the settlers devastated agricultural land which has an area of ​​70 square meters, in the village of Kisan in Bethlehem.

The following table illustrates the details of dozens of attacks carried out by the occupation army and settlers during January of 2014.










Attacking lands




Keysan-  Bethlehem



Settlers bulldoze a 70 square meters land under the protection of the occupation army.








Wad Rahall-





The settlers have done manual digging activities, under the protection of soldiers and Israeli police who have detained journalists who were in place to cover the event, in agricultural lands with a total area of about 700 m2 owned by citizens of the village of Wad Rahal.



Attacking farmers




Beit Omar-



Bat Ayin



The settlers threw stones towards farmers from Al Salebi family, and called them names, and threatened them if they return to their land, this made them to escape from the area, concerning for themselves and their children.



Attacking farmers
















Khirbat Em El Kher\ Yatta






Settlers throw stones on farmers from Al Hathalen family, called them names, and prevented them from grazing their sheep and access to water wells in agricultural land in al Khirba. The uprooting of olive trees.



Uprooting trees






Wad Kana\




Occupation army


Uprooting 1000 olive trees, 800 of it belongs to the citizen Abd El Kareem Ahmad Mansoor, 100 of it belongs to the citizen Qasem Mansoor, and 100 trees belongs to the citizen Abd El Kader Refaat Abu Hejleh.



Road closers




Dora- Hebron




Settlers blocked the road between Dora city and its Western villages, and prevented citizens from traveling, under protection of the occupation army.



Confiscating lands








A group of settlers planted seedlings in the lands that had been confiscated by the occupation's army and has an area of 150 acres, as well as detaining farmers.



Breaking in Lands and attacking farmers






Kiryat Arba


Calling the residents racist and insulting names, under the protection of the occupation army.



Burning Ali bin Abi Talib Mosque.






Mitzpe Yair


Attacking farmers while working in their lands under the protection occupation army that arrested 4 farmers and burned Ali bin Abi Talib Mosque.



Attacking farmers














Uprooting and destroying olive trees









Cutting and destroying 20 olive trees which belongs to the citizen Khader Meseef.



Attacking property




Madama- Nablus




Burning two cars that belongs to the citizen Waeel Abd El Raheem Mohammed and the citizen Rami Awad Nassar.



Destroying a tin tent




Khirbat Sosya\






Destroying a tent that belongs to the citizen Ezz El Deen Gaieth, 44 years old.



Attacking property




Old city- Hebron


Beit Hadasa


Throwing stones on the houses and on the passersby as well as attacking Mofeen Al Sharabati house.








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