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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Israeli forces demolished houses and barracks in the Jordan Valley

1 \ 4 \ 2014 Israeli occupation forces demolished houses and barracks in "Humsa Bokayaa" area in the Jordan Valley, that belongs to Walid Suleiman Abu Kabash, Hakam Abu Kabash and Ali Abu Kabash, who said that the occupation forces came at 8am in the morning and demolished the houses and the barracks without  even warning the citizens, although the houses and barracks are licensed and the citizens have the licenses papers.  

He added that they demolished 13 barracks  in Bokayaa region, in addition to the demolition of a kitchen, a bathroom and a Tabon and  water reservoirs. 

Rashid Khaddarat, the coordinator of Stop the Wall in the Jordan Valley area said  that two bulldozers belonging to occupation's army accompanied with 12 military jeep, stormed the area and declared a closed military zone, prevented activists and journalists from accessing the area, and confiscated all the remaining parts after demolishing to prevent the possibility of rebuilding what has been torn down, leaving residents, their families and their sheep homeless. 

He added that the occupation forces and after demolitions in Bokayaa area, moved to demolish three houses in Khirbet "Krzeliah" in Jeftlek for the third time.


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