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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

The people of "khilet Nahleh" set up tents in their lands challenging settlers

2 \ 6 \ 2014 the people of "khilet Nahleh" in Bethlehem succeeded to set up another tent in the region, as the people of the village and Popular Resistance activists did set up a tent on the territory of the village before. Hasan Briggah, the coordinator of the National Committee of Popular Resistance in Bethlehem, said that this tent is for challenging the settlers who have set up a tent in the region last October as a prelude to seize the land.


The residents confirmed that they will stay in the area to protect it from confiscation, and they added that they received a decision from the Court stating the illegality of the presence of settlers there, and confirmed that their activities in the region will continue on a weekly basis until settlers stop existing there; they also stressed the need to highlight the situation in "khilet Nahleh" to prevent the seizure of lands by settlers under the protection of occupation's army.


Hasan Briggah also added, that the people of the village said they will not leave the land, whatever happens; and they will protect it from being taken over by settlers, in spite of occupation forces' attacks and attempts to prevent them from being there.


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