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Israel restricts acess to Ramallah

After the death of two Palestians on Sunday, the Israel Defense Forces imposed a partial closure on Ramallah this Monday. A military source has stated that the restriction is not because of the shootings that took place on Sunday, but due to investigations of previous cases.

Amjad Sukari, a policeman and security guard at the Palestinian Authority, was shot dead after opening fire and injuring three Israelis in Bet El military checkpoint and settlement, at the north of Ramallah. Later on Sunday, another Palestinian man was killed after he allegedly tried to run over soldiers at Beit Horon, a settlement close to Jerusalem.

Despite the lack of information, media outlets report that the exit from the city is only allowed for the Palestinians who have work permits, Palestinian citizens of Israel, the transfer of goods and special cases, such as pregnant women and ill people. Entrance to Ramallah is exclusive for the residents of Ramallah and Palestinian citizens of Israel. Internationals are allowed to exit and enter the city, in spite of the closure of the checkpoints around Ramallah reported this morning. On Sunday, heavy traffic was noted surronding the city and especially close to Qalandia checkpoint.

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