Palestinians calling from Gaza to Jerusalem: All out on Saturday May 15th End the Ongoing Nakba and the Massacre in Besieged Gaza
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Palestinians calling from Gaza to Jerusalem: All out on Saturday May 15th End the Ongoing Nakba and the Massacre in Besieged Gaza

Take to the streets on Saturday May 15th with a united demand for sanctions and arms embargo on Israel.

We Palestinians are facing yet another massacre in besieged Gaza, resisting ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley and rising against oppression in our cities in Historic Palestine. Israel’s military and policing arsenal, is raining death and destruction on our loved ones, families and friends. It is bolstered by arms exports from the United States and European countries and flourishing military ties across the globe, making all those involved complicit in this colonial violence. 

At the time of writing this call the latest round of Israeli war crimes in Gaza has resulted in the brutal killings of 83 Palestinians, including 17 children and 6 women and over 487 wounded including  115 children and 50 women. Civilian houses are being targeted by American-made F16s and Elbit drones. 

The current massacre comes after 14 years of a medieval siege, a form of collective punishment that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians, the destruction of our economy and society denying us our most fundamental right to a dignified life.

Our people in Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan, Humsa, Masafer Yatta, Al Araqeeb are resisting Israel’s ongoing racist dispossession, attempting to expel our families from their land and homes. Palestinians in Nazareth, Haifa, Lydd, Ramleh, Rahat and many other places are standing up for their rights against 73 decades of oppression.

We want to be free in our homeland, and the freedom to thrive and live in safety and dignity. 

You have the power to help end it the same way you helped overcome South African apartheid and other crimes against humanity. We want solidarity, not charity. Exposing and ending complicity in Israel’s regime of apartheid, settler-colonialism and military occupation are the most ethical and strategic forms of intervention to end oppression and violence.

We must come together and pressure governments to impose sanctions on Israel, including a comprehensive arms embargo and cutting all forms of funding for and trade with Israel’s military industry.   

It is #InOurHands: Take action this Saturday to end the ongoing Palestinian Nakba and the massacre in Gaza 

  1. Join protests taking place in your area organized by Palestinians and Palestine solidarity movements, or come together to organize one if none are planned yet. Make boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) the main message at every protest around the world. Take banners and placards calling for sanctions on Israel to every protest. Share pictures and videos widely on social media. 
  2. Join the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement today. 
  3. Boycott the  products of Israeli apartheid and take action to stop corporations profiting from Israel’s system of colonialism, occupation and apartheid. March to boycott targets in your city and educate the public about companies complicit in Israel’s ongoing military assault and illegal siege of Gaza.
  4. News of protests around the world have given us hope, we urge you to intensify your actions. Protest in front of Israeli embassies, challenge Israeli officials (and others) supporting the current aggression against Gaza whenever they appear in public, and stage peaceful sit-ins in front of government buildings.
  5. Palestinian trade unions are calling on our brothers and sisters in the trade union movement internationally to stop handling goods imported from or exported to Israel. The trade union movement has a proud history of direct action against apartheid in South Africa,  Let’s build a new anti-apartheid movement to end Israel’s impunity.


#SaveSheikhJarrah Campaign – The Sheikh Jarrah Families

Council of National and Islamic Forces in Palestine

General Union of Palestine Workers

General Union of Palestinian Women 

Grassroots Al-Quds 

Land Defense Coalition 

Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions

Palestine New Federation of Trade Unions 

Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign (Stop the Wall)

Palestinian Journalists Syndicate

Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO)

Student Union Secretariat