Affected Palestinian Population and Localities by the Wall

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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

This map, from the Palestine Land Development Information Systems (PALDIS), details the Wall’s devastating effects on Palestinian communities as they are separated from their land while the entire West Bank is being torn apart into disconnected ghettos. If the Wall is completed in its entirety, 54% of the West Bank lands will be walled into these ghettos with another some 4.5% imprisoned into enclaves. With nearly half of the West Bank being de facto annexed by Israel, it is expected that nearly 16% of the Palestinian West Bank population will be isolated “behind” the Wall and another 18.7% will be separated from their lands.


This map was part of a guest article in PENGON’s The Wall in Palestine: Facts, Testimonies, Analysis, and Call to Action entitled Israel’s Final Push: The Fence Map is the Road Map; by PALDIS. The article begins on page 141.


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