Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign Fact Sheet: Apartheid in Palestine—Definition, History up to the Wall, and Tool for Mobilization

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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign
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Israeli Apartheid

This fact sheet highlights the meaning of the term “Apartheid”, its different oppressive apparatus, and how Apartheid continues to take place in Palestine from its roots in a colonialist and racist project to today’s Apartheid Wall. The fact sheet looks at the policies of suppression, segregation, labour exploitation, expulsion, land control, humiliation and murder enacted by the Occupation that are: Apartheid in Palestine.


The Wall is today the most evident expression of Israel’s Apartheid nature, aiming to complete the Bantustanization of Palestine and the Palestinian people. Apartheid is found in laws (de jure) and in the implementation of its goals on various levels (de facto), including those mechanisms used by the Occupation to justify Apartheid practices while avoiding its legalization.


This fact sheet focuses as well on the ties between the South African Apartheid Regime and the Israeli Apartheid Regime, and emphasizes the lessons to be learned from the successful solidarity movement that supported the South African struggle against Apartheid.




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