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Ways you can join and support

Palestine needs you to end Israeli occupation and build a free Palestine.

Support the Palestinian popular resistance

A strong popular international movement is necessary to stop Israel's regime of occupation, apartheid and colonialism.  You and your organizations can be a part of this international effort to show solidarity and to make your governments stop all support for and cooperation with, funding for and investments in Israeli apartheid, and to make the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction-movement (BDS) against Israel an effective support of the Palestinian struggle.

Join the solidarity movement

Stop the Wall aims to provide you with the necessary information and relevant campaigns to support our struggle on the ground - just check out our website and social media regularly. 
A first step to get active can be done on an individual basis by sharing our news in your social media, writing to your political representatives, writing in your paper and helping us translate our materials to your language.
However, we are strong enough only if we unite and organize together. Almost everywhere in the world, solidarity campaigns and groups are already active and you can join them. Or you can take the initiative to create one in your local society. You can as well seek support for Palestine in the organizations you are member of, in political parties, in trade unions and the institutions you are a member of. You can participate or organize demonstrations against companies in your country that trade or invest in Israel and companies that sell weapons and equipment to Israel. You can arrange solidarity meetings with guests from Palestine. 
If you have the time to spare, you can come to Palestine to do voluntary work with us for a period.
Please contact for more information about volunteering with Stop the Wall in Palestine or with translation and online support from abroad. 

Keep us updated

It is important for all those struggling on the ground to get news of solidarity actions from abroad. Tell us about solidarity activities in your country and community. It is an inspiration for us and for all the international solidarity work.
You can stay in touch with Stop the Wall on our Website.  
Jobs in Palestine:
The Land Defense Coalition has an open job position as international outreach coordinator.


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